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Voice of the Forest

By Horace Keats

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A collection of 11 songs set to words of Hugh McCrae for soprano and/or medium voice and piano.

 Most of these songs have been recorded by Jane Parkin, Gavin Lockley and Clemens Leske on A Poet's Composer (Wirr 040) and by Wendy Dixon, John Pringle and David Miller on Echo (ABC Classics) both CDs available online

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1. Columbine  Buy Now
2. O Deep and Dewy Hour
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3. Moon, The  Buy Now
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5. Trespass, The  Buy Now
6. Twilight (Crepuscule)
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7. Under the Sky  Buy Now
8. Versicle Buy Now
9. Voice of the Forest

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10. Wild Man's Dear, The  Buy Now
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ISMN M720011271

Voice of the Forest (McCrae)

By Horace Keats

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Soprano and piano, c.3'10

  • Grade: 6
  • Genre: Neo Classical
  • Date: 1941
  • Tempo: Marked Andante, a song of freedom of spirit, life and joy.

Words by Hugh McCrae.

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ISMN M72007601

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Voices in the Sky

By Michael Hannan

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Solo piano.  Professional performance

In this piece the composer has attempted to impose strict controls upon quite limited materials but at the same time, has tried to create in places, a kind of reckless flamboyance.  Composed 1980 rev 1987.

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ISMN 9790720140223
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By Peter Mcnamara

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Solo percussion
Voltage is a work primarily based on rhythmic combinations related to 240 W.

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ISMN 720106212
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Voluntary on 'Tallis' Canon

By Brett M Mckern

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Solo organ  c.5'00. Grade AMusA

Tempo: Various from maestoso to allegro; crotchet = 66-100
Genre: Neo-romantic
A sort of theme and variations on the famous hymn tune using various techniques in each section as the theme is used at least motivically. There is fugue, stretto, canon, French organ-toccata style, fanfare, and others
Composed 2014

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ISMN 9790720146003
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Vuillard Suite, Op.76

By Victor Morrison

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Six pieces for solo piano.

Reflections on Nabi paintings by Édouard Vuillard (1868-1940)The collection is beautifully presented by the composer to include the paintings of Vuillard illustrated as in the titles below.

  • 1.  The Tea Garden in The Grand Teddy, c.2'00
  • 2.  The Garden at Vaucresson, c.3'30
  • 3.  La Salle Clarac, c.1'55
  • 4.  The Public Gardens, c.2'05
  • 5.  Woman In A Striped Dress, c.3'20
  • 6.  Place Vintimille, c.2'20

Composed 2020

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ISMN 9790720231068

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Vulture Culture

By Frank Millward

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A choreographed music theatre.

In Vulture Culture, contemporary society is characterised as an orchestra with each section striding carelessly and at times, brutally, over any vulnerable little thing that get in its way. Words by David Gale.

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Wa Wa Waltz

By Graeme Denniss

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Brass Quintet, c.2'40

    Composed 2012

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    ISMN 9790720214061

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    Wait for the Lord

    By John D'Arcy

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    SATB choir with optional organ, c.1'20
    Composed 2023

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    ISMN 9790673144934

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    Wait, The

    By Glenn Rogers

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    Flute and guitar, Grade 7
    Composed 2013

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    ISMN 9790720172156
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    Walking in an Air of Glory

    By Paul Paviour

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    SATB a cappella, c.4'30
    Words by Henry Vaughan. 
    Composed 2015

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    Walking in the Labyrinth

    By Karlin G Love

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    Concert Band, c.5'30

    The route progresses of a labyrinth is through short lengths and quick direction changes, gradually becoming mostly long stretches with few turns until one reaches the centre: a place to pause and enjoy the stillness. Walking in the Labyrinth is built upon a progression through three tonal centres and a melody that was first created in 7/4. In the first part of the piece each section presents the melody in a different meter, the first ones truncating it, the later ones extending it, moving from the quick changes and turns of the labyrinth and initial surprises on the track to slower changes and settling into one’s walking rhythm. It reaches a centre of stillness and reflection, then begins the trip back out, with dancing variations of the melody, energised and joyful.
    Go for a walk – without headphones – and let your feet, eyes and ears refresh and refocus you!
    Included with the score are the 'Labyrinth tunes meters' pages presenting the melody in each meter, in suitable clefs and transpositions should you like to try them with your ensemble. Composed 2016

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    ISMN 9790720172354
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