Music for Secondary Students - Book 2 - Duration, 2nd Edition

By Meryl Jackson-Kew, Aleksandar Vujic

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Investigating the concepts/elements of music. 
A resource book for secondary students


 This book, INVESTIGATING THE CONCEPTS/ELEMENTS OF MUSIC, is the second in a series of books that explores the concepts/elements of music, which are suitable for study in all JUNIOR, INTERMEDIATE and SENIOR Secondary Music Courses in New South Wales Higher School Certificate, Queensland Certificate of Education, The Western Australian Certificate of Education, Victorian Certificate of Education, South Australian Certificate of Education, Northern Territory Certificate of Education Training, the Tasmanian Certificate of Education and New Zealand Education System.

BOOK TWO will explore the music concept/element DURATION, which has been broken down into 10 individual chapter components: Beat, Time Signatures, Note Values and Rests, Tempo, Rhythm Part One – _Rhythm Tree, Note Groupings, Rhythm Part Two – _Cross-rhythm, Polyrhythm, Polymetre, Rhythm Part Three – _Syncopation, Rhythmic Patterns, Rhythmic Sequence, Rhythmic Ostinato, Harmonic Rhythm, Rhythmic Unison, Phrase Lengths, Playing Techniques, Rhythmic Dictation. 

Each chapter has been designed to provide the educator and student accurate listening examples that will assist in the delivery, reinforcement and study of each component of Duration. All questions and activities are included at the end of each chapter to enhance skills in aural practice and musicianship.

Over 150 artists/bands/composers are featured in the book, covering music from the 1700s to the 2000s in a wide variety of genres and styles such as: Avant Garde, Baroque, Blues, Classical, Contemporary, Country, Disco, Folk, Funk, Hip-Hop, Impressionism, Indie, Jazz, Metal, Pop, Rap, Rock, Romantic, RnB and Soul.

We have also included one chapter of material, which is based on Harmonic Rhythm, taken directly from Pitch Book 1.

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ISBN: 9781876829575