Cloud Pieces for Piano

By Karlin G Love

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Six piano solos and a duet.

A set of pieces, conceived for a multi-level teaching studio recital which reflect upon basic cloud types, from high, feathery cirrus to ground-hugging stratus (fog). There are solo and duet versions of ‘Cumulonimbus’ – towering storm clouds. ‘Nuages’, a piano arrangement of a lute work, pays homage to Debussy and Django Reinhardt: two other composers who have written music about clouds. 
Composed 2017

  • Cumulus, c.0'45 - Grade 4
  • Altocumulus, c.2'25 - Grade 2/3
  • Stratus, c.2'00 - Grade 3/4
  • Cirrus, c.0'45 - Grade 5
  • Cumuulonimbus (solo), c.2'45 - Grade 6/7
  • Nuages, c.3'00 - Grade 5
  • Cumuulonimbus (duet), c.2'45 - Grade 6/7

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