Composers' Series, The - Volume 6 Piano Solos (Rofe)

By Esther Rofe

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Esther Rofe (1904 - 2000)

14 piano solos composed between 1927-1938

By all accounts Esther Rofe was a “character,” a “battler”. A prodigiously talented child she showed determination and resolve in all that she undertook. Rofe considered herself a narrative composer. She was inspired by the fact that her father had about two thousand books and she always was an avid reader.

Like many of her contemporaries Rofe studied composition and orchestration with Fritz Hart and A. E. Floyd. She had started writing music at about age seven, her first composition was written about a storm, though there was not much opportunity to study composition in Melbourne at that time for a child. Her teacher, Harold Smith, helped her with harmony and counterpoint and her mentor Alberto Zelman gave invaluable advice about orchestration and arranging. From approximately aged nineteen Rofe took private theory lessons from Dr A. E. Floyd organist and choirmaster at St Paul's Cathedral. When she was fourteen Rofe joined the second violins of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra under direction of Alberto Zelman. Rofe had the opportunity to play with some great artists of her time as a member of the violin section, including Una Bourne, Dame Nellie Melba and Mischa Elman.

Level of difficulty:  mostly intermediate grades

More comprehensive biographical notes are within the volume which also includes a CD of all the works.

Researched, edited and recorded by Jeanell Carrigan

Volume 6: Esther Rofe

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As part of 'The Composer's Series' many of these works have been recorded by Jeanell Carrigan on a CDs: Nostalgia (Wirr080); Reverie (Wirr 106); Sea Impressions (Wirr108)