Composers' Series, The - Volume 8(b) Piano Solos (Hutchens)

By Frank Hutchens

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Frank Hutchens (1892-1965)

17 piano solos for intermediate level (grades 5 to 8) , composed between early 1930s and 1950s. 

This volume of piano solos is unique as until now there has been no collection of his works. Despite having written over fifty piano compositions they had been published as single items and no compilation had existed. In this volume Forest Magic, and the suite Dance of the Hours which has five short movements have not been previously published. The other pieces are those better-known works by Hutchens and are suitable for an approximate grade level of fifth to eighth grade. Indeed, many have been on the AMEB syllabus for those grades for many years.

More comprehensive biographical notes are within the volume which also includes a CD of all the works.

  • Dance of the Hours
  • 1  The Hours of the Daybreak
  • 2  Dance of the Hours of the Day
  • 3  Enter the Hours of the Evening
  • 4  Enter the Hours of the Night
  • 5  Finale
  • At the Bathing Pool
  • Prelude Romantique
  • By the River
  • Evening
  • In a Boat
  • Gnomes
  • Prelude in B major
  • Forest Magic
  • Two Little Birds
  • The Island
  • Minuet
  • The Enchanted Isle

Researched, edited and recorded by Jeanell Carrigan

Volume 8: Frank Hutchens

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