Goldleafing a Dream - CD

By Phillip Wilcher

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A vast music and magical journey of many genres and styles for oboe, cor anglais, flute and piano composed by Phillip Wilcher and sensitively performed by Rachel Tolmie (oboe, cor anglais), Amanda Muir (flute), and John Martin (piano). Inspired by this poem:
Wirr 046

A gold leafed page
From a distant age,
A dust clad century of dreams,
Of polished stones
And medieval thrones,
Of maidens wandering idly
By streams.
An illuminator's craft
Like a merchant's raft,
Transports wonders across
The thresholds of time,
To tell us something
Of a life before
Of a butterfly weaving a rhyme.

Download samples

1  Goldleafing a Dream
2  How Sweet the Moonlight
3  Longtemps
4  Sarabande
5  Pavane
6  Minuet
Three Dances [7-9]
7  Anglaise    
8  Passepied   
9  Gigue
10  Tears
11  Nager Dans la Joie
12  The Faun's Pavane
13  The Flautist's Pavane
14  Magnolia
15  Pavane I
16  Pavane II
17  Pavane III
18  Tolmie Tune
19  Tolmie Tune 2
20  Tolmie Tune 3
21  Song Without Words
22  Adagio in F Minor
23  Novelette I
24  Novelette II
25  Novelette III
26  Dream Song
27  Stanza