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For flute, violin, cello, horn performed by LOCANA.
A collection of ensemble works composed by Taran Carter, Hugh Dixon, Horace Keats, John Wayne Dixon, Peter Rankine, Houston Dunleavy and Michael H Dixon.  Performed by Janine Grantham (flute and piccolo), Michael H Dixon (horn), Paula Newcomb, Sarah Knox (violins), Shannon Tobin, Matthew Farrell (cellos).
Print music for all the works are available online.
Wirr 014

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Perverse Exit Songs (Taran Carter) (1-3)
1  Entrance
2  Maddison
3  Emergency Exit Only
4  The Enchanted Garden (Hugh Dixon)
5  Movement (Horace Keats)
Niblets, Op.12 (John Wayne Dixon) (6-8)
6  Duet
7  Commotion
8  Canto
A Foursome of Twosomes, Op.6 (John Wayne Dixon) (9-10)
9  Twosome One
10 Twosome Two
Postcards from America (Houston Dunleavy) (11-14)
11  Los Angeles12  Grand Canyon
13  Chicago Bean
14  New York City
15  Fire by Fire (Peter Rankine)
16  Arise, Awake (Michae H Dixon)