Musette and Gigue

By Dulcie Holland

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For saxophone and piano, c.5'00.  Grade 5

Musette & Gigue is a short work written for well known saxophonist Clive Amadio. Amadio performed and broadcast this piece on ABC radio and the BBC. He also performed it in many festivals and music clubs 

The fact that Clive Amadio performed the Musette & Gigue so many times and even included it in the two pieces he recorded for UNESCO indicates that it was well-received during his lifetime and that he deemed it worthy of preservation. It is hoped that this new, typeset, published edition of Musette & Gigue will revive this little gem.

 Composed 1950

Researched and edited by Nessyah Gallagher.

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ISMN 9790720231631
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