Nawang Wulan, guardian of the earth and rice (flute)

By Betty Beath

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Alto flute and piano, c.2'30.  Grade 4

Inspired by a poem of a Javanese legend of a nymph whose wings were stolen while bathing, so she was compelled to live on earth. Eventually, she found her wings and returned to heaven; but she promised to come again whenever the child might need her help. In the poem she was given the role as 'the guardian of the earth and rice'.
Composed 1990

Available on CD From a Bridge of Dreams (Wirr 005) performed by Emma Knott (flute) and David Miller (piano); also within an album of sheet music by the same title with 22 flute works, available online.

Although the following youtube sample is with voice and piano it is from this that this flute work was created.

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 ISMN M720060927

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