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By Various Composers

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This instrumental recording features compositions by seven Australian Composers - Hugh Dixon, Horace Keats, Houston Dunleavy, John Spence, Michael H Dixon, Kevin Young, and Brennan Keats - performed by Andrew Evans (trumpet), Emma Knott and Karen Lonsdale (flute), Mark Walton (clarinet and saxophone), Luke Spicer (viola), Michael Hugh Dixon (horn), Regis Danillon and David Miller (piano).
Print music for most of the works are available online.
Wirr 003

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1  Soulful Soliloquy No.2 (Kevin Young)
2  Soulful Soliloquy No.3 (Kevin Young)
3  Echo (Horace Keats arr Brennan Keats)
4  Romance (Hugh Dixon)
5  Jennifer's Song (Houston Dunleavy)
6  Ylang Ylang (John Spence)
7  Padama (Michael H Dixon)
8  Fireball (Houston Dunleavy)
9  Inner Life (Michael H Dixon)
10  Early Autumn (Horce Keats)
Slightly Latin (Kevin Young) (11-14)
11 Rhumba for Ruth
12 Bill's Bossa
13  Christopher's Calypso
14  Meg's Meringue