Sea Impressions - CD

By Jeanell Carrigan

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Jeanell Carrigan (piano)

Piano Miniatures by Australian Composers

Lindley Evans, Frank Hutchens, Linda Phillips, Esther Rofe, Edith Harrhy, Meta Overman

Visual artists have always been fascinated by bodies of water – rivers, waterfalls, the ocean. The turbulence and calm, movement and stillness, colours and different effects of light on water have all been the catalyst for many masterpieces. Composers too are guilty of being entranced by water and especially the sea. They have tried to recreate, in sound, some of the magic that they see and hear when looking out over the ocean, arriving on an island or travelling in a boat. This album is designed to be a journey in sound, illustrating how water has become a major aspect of inspiration. We visit islands, travel by boat - or imaginary ships - partake in swimming adventures, meet folk who live by the sea, go sailing on Sydney Harbour, take extended ocean journeys and finally after reaching an island of enchantment are lulled to sleep.

The cover painting "Coastal Kaleidoscope" c.2009 by Annie Georgeson.

Wirr 108

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[1]   Il Cielo Sereno (Under the Fair Sky) - Lindley Evans
[2]   The Island - Frank Hutchens
[3]   The Voyage - Frank Hutchens
Sea Impressions - Linda Phillips [4-6]
[4]   Waves
[5]   Dancing Sunlight
[6]   Mermaid and Harp
[7]   Fairy Ships - Frank Hutchens
[8]   The Island - Esther Rofe
[9]   On a Boat - Frank Hutchens
[10] Ballade - Frank Hutchens
[11] On the Wanganui - Edith Harrhy
Holiday in Australia - Lindley Evans
[12] The Coral Island
[13] Weeping Mist - Frank Hutchens
The Sea Idylls - Meta Overman [14-16]
[14] Visschersmeisje (Fisher Girl)
[15] Matrozendans (Sailor's Dance)
[16] En Toen... (And Then...)
[17] Sea Fantasy - Frank Hutchens
[18] At the Bathing Pool - Frank Hutchens
[19] By the River - Frank Hutchens
[20] The Surfer - Frank Hutchens
[21] Sea Music - Frank Hutchens
[22] The Enchanted Isle - Frank Hutchens
[23] Serenade - Frank Hutchens
[24] Berceuse for a Sleeping Sand-Baby - Lindley Evans


Sheet music and samples are available for all these works visit:

Lindley Evans
Frank Hutchens
Linda Phillips
Esther Rofe
Meta Overman