Selected Australian Songs (ANZCA)

By Australian Composers

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18 songs listed on the ANZCA Singing Syllabus 2009-2010. Grades 4-8. 

1. The Little Birdling in the Tree (Horace Keats) c.1'50
2. Museum Garden (Ann Carr-Boyd) c.5'0
3. Natures Changes (John Wayne Dixon) c.2'35
4. Lullaby (Miriam Hyde) C. 0'50
5. Bush Cradle Song (Horace Keats) c.1'10
6. The Garden of Death (Horace Keats) c.1'19
7. Squiggly Brush Strokes (Ann Carr-Boyd) c.4'0
8. The Lotus Pool (Miriam Hyde) c.1'10
9. My Dark-Eyed Acushla (Horace Keats) c.3'0
10. Italian Landscape (Ann Carr-Boyd) c.5'0
11. First Person Feminine ii or iii (Ian Cooper) c.1'25
13. Before the Spring (Miriam Hyde) c.1'10
14. The Trouble with Geraniumns (Stephen Yates) c.1'43
15. Sparrow (Betty Beath) c.1'20
16. The Wind in the Sedges (Miriam Hyde) c.1'35
17. Love Song (R J Stove) c. 2'25
18. Four Epigrams iv (Stephen Yates) c.2'50

For more details on these songs, including audio samples see individual titles.

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