By Various Composers

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Sideband is a recording project initiated by emerging Australian composers, Tristan Coelho, Brad Gill, Chris Williams and Peter McNamara, and includes the esteemed Slovenian-Australian composer Bozidar Kos.  These powerful, yet intimate, mixed chamber works emphasise percussion and vocal elements and are performed by some of Australia's most talented, established and emerging artists.   
Wirr 056

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1  Modulations (Bozidar Kos)
2  Crickets (Brad Gill)
3  Voltage (Peter McNamara)
4  As the Dust Settles (Tristan Coelho)
(Chris Williams)
6  Cadenza II (Peter McNamara)
7  The Writer's Hand  (Tristan Coelho)
8  Light, Snow, Suicide (Brad Gill)