Sonata No 4 "Song of the Shaman" (flute)

By Larry Sitsky

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Solo flute.  Advanced grade
The objective for this Sonata was to embrace collaborations between composers and performers working together on psychical and mental inabilities and extra-abilities incorporated into musical textures. In 2015 the composer presented the manuscript of Song of the Shaman accompanied by the following description:

I treated the three octaves of the flute as symbolic:
middle octave- the Shaman sings, in our world
lower octave- he travels to the nether regions
upper octave- he flies in a bird/spirit body.
Musically, this meant that a different kind of music had to be conceived for each region,and that is essentially what goes on in the Sonata.

Composed 2015

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    (performed by Michal Rosiak)

    ISMN 9790720226545
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