Space Junk - CD

By Diana Weston

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Music of Space and Time
by Ann Carr-Boyd and Diana Blom

Diana Weston piano and harpsichord; Mary Sambell, piano and percussion; Joanne Arnott, recorder and Angus Ryan, cello

Music on this album transports the listener to other worlds. Imagine astral bodies in many different forms, colours and shapes.  Travel back in time to remember the joy, play and innocence of childhood, and hear the story of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, now over 90 years old, told in music. An ancient Chinese travelling band and the art of knitting Japanese-style are in there as well.

Wirr 114                    

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Ann Carr-Boyd:
[1 - 15] Star Burst: 15 astral pieces for piano (Diana Weston, piano)
Shooting Stars
The Sun
Pulsar (in the Crab Nebula)
Spiral Galaxy NGC 4565
Sombrero Galaxy NGC 4594
Fiji Moon
Stefan’s Quintet
Quasar Pks 2142-75,
Star Clusters
[16 - 19] Percy crosses the Nullarbor: piano duet (Primo Diana Weston, Secondo Mary Sambell)
It’s a long way,
The Stars at Night,
Getting to know the Nullarbor,
Made it to the other side
[20 - 23] Percy goes to Mudgee: piano duet (Primo Diana Weston, Secondo Mary Sambell)
Mustering sheep,
Down by the River,
Chasing Rabbits,
By the Fire

[24] Flying West for harpsichord, recorder and cello (Diana Weston, harpsichord; Joanne Arnott, recorder; Angus Ryan, cello)
Flying West
Bumpy Ride
Interlude 1
Wings from the Sky
Interlude 2
Red Earth
The Clinic
The Return

Diana Blom:
[25] Cat’s Play (Diana Weston, piano; Mary Sambell, percussion)
[26] Japanese Knitting (Diana Weston, piano; Mary Sambell, percussion)
[27] The Travelling Chinese Orchestra (Diana Weston, piano; Mary Sambell, percussion)