Our commitment to Australian Composers and Musicians

Since its establishment in 1987, Wirripang has become the leading Australian independent print music publisher of classical and jazz Australian music.

The aim of Wirripang is to encourage Australian composers and musicians with a like-minded passion and vision for quality music and to assist them in every way possible by promoting their music. In so doing, Wirripang is also publishing teaching resource books, compilation print music albums and producing CDs to showcase composers' works.

Wirripang pays its composers  generous royalties on direct sales, so buy direct from Wirripang to support its composers for their intellectual input.

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Featured Products

  Nostalgia - CD 
Piano music by Australian Women. 
A rare glimpse into the past Australian musical history of piano works showcasing their beauty, their inherent musicality, the craft and skill of the composers and their appeal to the listener.

Andrew Schultz - Piano Music - CD    
Antony Gray
Fourteen outstanding piano compositions written between  1987 and 2015 which portrays the diversity of depth and style during that period.  And beautifully interrupted in phrasing and colour by Antony Gray.


Songs by Diana Blom- CD    
diana blom
A diverse collection of songs composed by Diana Blom for a variety of singers with beautiful voices and of different ranges and colours - with words from poems and text from books - short and long songs - character and texture.