100 Years

By Rita Crews and Julie Spithill

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  Music Teachers' Association of NSW 1912 - 2012

  This publication documents the achievements of the  
  outstanding professional care and dedication
  provided by the Association celebrating 100 years.

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A Musical Missionary: The Life and Music of Dulcie Holland

By Rita Crews and Jeanell Carrigan

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Biography of Dulcie Holland co-authored by Rita Crews OAM and Jeanell Carrigan AM

This wonderful Australian woman composer deserved to have her life and music celebrated much earlier, not twenty years after her death. But now it is been written by two musicians: one who knew Holland and had the opportunity to discuss her music with her; and one who has come to know Dulcie Holland from playing many of her remarkable compositions. Fortunately, there are detailed interviews available, giving a very good insight into Holland’s thought processes and providing an absolute wealth of information​.

Holland was such a modest woman that she probably would have thought her music - and her life - was not worth writing about. She was always described as having an engaging and outgoing personality. She considered herself to be first a pianist, then a composer and thirdly a teacher, but composed music well into her eighties.
Her compositions, numbering at least 330, included music in all genres except opera, though her musical play Jenolan Adventure, was certainly a work of drama for the stage. Documentary films, chamber music, works for orchestra, instrumental solos, many keyboard works and at least thirty songs are all part of her immense contribution to Australian composition.

She is undoubtedly best known for the numerous musicianship and theory textbooks that she wrote over many years. Even the catalogue listing at the National Library mentions that “Holland’s name became synonymous with music theory in Australia.” Despite the obvious advantages of being the Australian expert on music theory, it has meant that Holland herself and some of her more serious compositions have been overlooked by musical critics.

It is a tragedy that a biography and discussion about Holland’s music has taken until now to be written. She is certainly a composer who deserves to be celebrated. In her own words:

But after many years of writing music, simply because I had the urge to do so, I have reached the strong conclusion that music is greater than the sum of all those who contribute to it, and that instead of adding to the volume of music that has been composed, it would be much more valuable to make new converts for music, to share my enthusiasm for it with those possibly as yet unaware, and to stimulate them to find out more of its mysteries and delights. I have had first-hand opportunities to observe how young people develop, how their tastes may be formed, and their imagination fired, and ultimately how their lives can be enriched by a knowledge and love of music. To encourage others along these lines has become my mission in life, and I dare to hope that my influence for good may continue long after my earthly life ends, thus adding significantly to the quality of life in at least one small part of this world.

Composing is very difficult. It needs a lot of concentration and dedication to get things just right. I feel I’m a missionary in music in a way. [Dulcie Holland. 'Contemporary Music Review', 1994, Vol. 11]

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By Patrick Thomas

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One Poet's Odyssey
When one thinks about things in Australia today, it’s plain that in many ways we are well off compared to some other nations, and have right to feel blessed. After all, we have relatively stable governments; banking, commercial and financial systems that work; judicial and educational ones too. There are internal political flaws, of course, but mostly things are managed pretty well, though the Australian “she’ll be right mate” and often lack-lustre attitude must, at times, lessen our country’s reputation and international competitiveness., one’s memories of lost things and personalities from yesteryear recalled between the following covers. Bring it back, please!
I hope you enjoy sharing some of those recollections with me. Patrick Thomas, August 2017
Foreword by Larry Sitsky AO

Sadly, this was to be Patrick's last book of prose. Patrick passed away in August 2017.

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Australians Invading Turkey

By Christina Whiteley

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Music for piano was composed in 1915 by Joseph Bernard commemorating Gallipoli 1915.  Historical and pictorial introduction, and performance notes by Christina Whiteley. This 30 page book is a unique document as it presents a form of home entertainment from years long gone, and as such, may be considered an historical document as a reminder of Australians participation in World War I.

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Behind the Scenes and A Visit to Russia

By Patrick Thomas

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Unashamedly anecdotal material which includes career experiences, stories of people who were of influence, backstage dramas, the perils of travel and a range of incidents which occurred along the way for the author.  An interesting and at times, hilarious read!

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Composing Against the Tide

By Jeanell Carrigan

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Early twentieth century Australian women composers and their piano music.

There were a relatively large number of women born in Australia between 1860 and 1915 who became composers of piano music. For many of them this was not an easy task. They did not always receive encouragement. Certainly many could not earn a living at this creative work and they battled not only the gender inequality that still largely exists today but also against musical fashion and trends that their works did not always reflect, as well as the backlash which came from being born into a ‘colonial’ country.  This is their story.

Australian Heritage Collection - the piano works of these women have been published in three volumes as researched and edited by Jeanell. Each volume contains a CD of the works within. 

A CD Nostalgia has been released with many of these works recorded by Jeanell.  It was featured as ABC Classic FM "CD of the week", November 2016. 

All piano works available online - Australian Heritage Collection Volumes I, II, III

ISBN 9781876829421

Concise History of Music in Europe, A

By Lorna Menzies-wall

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An enjoyable account of the story of the progress of the growth of Western music, humbly expressed, for the use of advanced students and young teachers. It is hoped that it may be an inspiration for further detailed study.
An excellent resource book, it is comprehensive, accessible, appealing, written in a humorous style making it delightful and knowledgeable reading. Copyright 2015.


Dialogues - Narratives on the oneness of being

By Phillip Wilcher

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To quote the writer: I  present myself as a writer, who has composed words suggestive of music, their texture and rhythm being as much a measure of each as the initial shadows of thought that inspired them

Once more in the back of Phillip's mind when working on this project is Thomas Kelly and the magnificent organisation (The Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation) that has evolved  as a consequence of Thomas' untimely and tragic death.  To quote Phillip again, charity - when exercised with clarity - never fails; that the practice of such charity - the voluntary giving to those in need that sees our humanity at its best - reflects the beauty of divine  beneficence

 ISBN 9781876829377 

Divinity - A dialogue between the self and music at the source

By Phillip Wilcher

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A profound reflection on the composer's relationship with his art.  The writer quotes: Since the very first day, when at 14 years of age I put pen to paper and began to notate music, I understood well that the greater lesson to be learned had little to do with the laws of harmony and counterpoint, nor even the virtues of discipline whereby the waywardness of random sounds could be made more civil. In the face of whatever higher force it was at work that afforded me the gift of self-realisation through sound, I knew well that however successful I might become (if at all) as a "composer", the abilities entrusted me for the caring and the sharing were so granted on the provision that I learn to overcome pride in order to find my place, and the greater the gift the more glory there would be to leave behind.

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Dogs, Cats, Feathered Friends - and a Possum!

By Patrick Thomas

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Another collection of delightful and humourous verse by Patrick Thomas. Among some of his personal favourites have been dogs and birds - owls in various forms being of particular interest!  Yet other fauna, domestic and wild, have provided wonder and amazement when viewed in their natural habitat, in Game Parks, Zoos, Documentaries and the like. 
Many of the sketches were prompted by birds and animals that added greatly to his quality of life. Hopefully, some will resonate with readers and rekindle a few of their own memories and experiences.  

 ISBN 978 1 876829 31 5

Forms and Possibilities

By Jonathan Little

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Selected Verse (1983-2003) with an essay on Melancholia "The Muse of Bile".  An appreciation and a defence of the artist's temperament (1999). Includes 16 modern sonnets using antique forms - abounding in rhyme and rhythm.

ISBN 9781876829230

Heart Matters

By Phillip Wilcher

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A gathering of thoughts and feelings

Heart Matters is something of a compendium, a weighing together and balancing of thoughts, reflections and feelings with no rhyme to their reason or reason for their rhyme, save the occasional odd poem or two.
As much as there is no definitive autobiographical bent about the pages of this presentation, every thought and subtle disclosure moves beyond the surface of its expression, to hopefully engage the reader inter-connectedly with the inner dynamics of a thinking mind. Indeed, the feeling I had on coalescing end page to end page the entries herein, was that I was not only writing from my mind, be it consciously or otherwise, but forming a mind in the process.
Whatever the outcome, I hope that you, the reader, enjoy the sharing as much as I have pleasure in offering it to you. Perhaps it is that you will bring to my words more wisdom on reading them than I have in writing them, for what you recognize something as being, is also a measure of you.

  ISBN 9781876829629