An Irish Wedding Blessing

By Colin Brumby

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SATB choir, optional solo(s) and organ or piano.

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ISMN 9790720101026
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An Ode to the Wilderness

By Mark John Mcencroe

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String Orchestra in four movements, c.38'00.

For violins I, II, viola, violoncello and double bass.

    Composed 82018

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      ISMN 9790673141919

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      By Paul Ballam-cross

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      Low flutes and percussion c. 6'30
      Composed 2014

      See Wirripang CD Labyrinths of Lowness (Wirr 064) available online

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      Ancient Cedar Trees

      By Michael Hannan

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      Solo trumpet in Bb, c.3'20.  Grade LMus

      The pitch material is based upon a series of related chords, each of which involves a common low F sharp and the D which is a minor thirteenth above.  The melodic style is very angular with intervals such as sixths, sevenths and ninths being prominent.  Recorded on Improvisations and Comprovisationswith Scott Tinker (trumpet), Wirr 051 available online.
      Composed 2002

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      ISMN 9790720133539
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      Ancient Rivers

      By John Terry

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      Solo piano, c.19.20. Advanced level of difficulty

      Recorded by John Martin on the CD, Ancient Rivers (Wirr 006) available online

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      ISMN M720065465
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      Ancient Rivers - album

      By Various Composers

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      12 piano solo works by various Australian Composers. 

      All pieces are available as individual sheet music (see specific works). 
      Ancient Rivers (Wirr006) CD also available online played by John Martin

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      ISMN M720065922

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      Ancient Rivers - CD

      By John Martin

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      18 solo piano works performed by John Martin.  Includes works by Australian Composers John Terry, Ann Carr-Boyd, John Peterson, Horace Keats as well as, Miriam Hyde, Roy Agnew, Phillip Wilcher and William Lovelock.
      Wirr 006

      Print music for most of the works are available online.

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      1  Windy Hill  (Roy Agnew)
      2  Daybreak (Phillip Wilcher)
      3 The Forest Stream (Miriam Hyde)
      4  Sea Surge (Roy Agnew)
      5 Grasstree Hill (Ann Carr-Boyd)
      6  Autumn Winds (William Lovelock)
      7  By the Lily-Pond (Horace Keats)
       Ancient Rivers (John Terry)Five Island (John Peterson)
      9  Flinders Island
      10 Rocky Island 
      11 Bass Island 
      12 Martin Island
      13  Parkyns Island
      14  Down the Dim Gorges
       (John Terry)
      15  A River Idyll (Miriam Hyde)
      16  Summerhaze (Ann Carr-Boyd)
      17  Drought-Stricken Grasses (Miriam Hyde)
      18 A Summer Breeze (Horace Keats)

      and here is the news ...

      By Paul Paviour

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      9 pieces for solo piano.  Advanced grades
      Current events informed by mean of piano.

      Composed 2023
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      ISMN 9790673142770

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      And is there care in Heaven

      By Paul Paviour

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      Soprano solo and SATB unaccompanied choir, c.6'00
      Composed 2014

      Discount for multiple copies contact 

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      And So it Goes

      By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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      Piano solo, c.2'00.  Grade 2

      This piece was written for teens, although it equally will resonate with adults and with many pre-teens. The journey through adolescence can be a dark and lonely experience and there is often a tendency for young people to immerse themselves in melancholia. As always in writing for teens, my aim has been to create a balance between allowing the young person to live fully into their emotional life while also giving them a window of light, hope and joy to aspire to so that both the emotional and spiritual needs of adolescence are being met. As such, the music is deeply evocative but any darkness is tempered with light so that the psyche is protected, nourished and enriched.  Composed 2016


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       ISMN 9790720172026 

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      And The Angel Gabriel Said

      By Andrew Batterham

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      Brass Ensemble c.14'00.

      This work is not intended as a religious piece of music, but as a depiction of the appearance of the angel Gabriel to the prophet Daniel in the Bible. Brass instruments are especially suited to bringing Daniel’s vision to life, as angels are often described as using trumpets to herald significant events.
      And The Angel Gabriel Said… consists of two halves. The first depicts the mundane machinations of the human world as viewed from above. The second half describes the coming of the angel Gabriel to Daniel. 

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      ISMN 9690720167756
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      And Then...

      By Houston Dunleavy

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      Solo viola c.7'30
      Composed 1996

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      ISMN M720011691
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