Wirripang New Composition

Devils at Dusk

By Natasha Trinkle

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Cello and piano, c.4'45.  Grade AMus

Devils at Dusk begins and ends with improvised sections in which the cellist is encouraged to create a soundscape depicting either Tasmanian Devils or an Australian bush setting. These sections also provide an opportunity for developing cellists to explore extended technique and find different sounds that they enjoy creating with the cello. Composed 2015
Published under the Wirripang New Composition scheme. 

Natasha Trinkle is a freelance cellist and cello teacher living in Melbourne. Her interests include the use of cello in traditional and folk music genres, as well as composition and Australian improvised music. Natasha began learning piano at the age of five and cello at the age of nine. Cello became her main focus and in 2000 she completed a Bachelor of Music at the Elder Conservatorium in Adelaide. Following this she began exploring the role of cello in various contexts, in particular Scottish folk music, jazz, and improvised music. It was this passion for improvising that prompted Natasha to complete Honours in cello performance at Monash University in 2015. During this time, she also began experimenting with composition, and with support from staff at Monash, Natasha was able to integrate improvisation and composition into her Honours performance program. In November 2015, Natasha Trinkle won first prize for Devils at Dusk in the inaugural ANZCA composition competition at Monash University.

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ISMN  9790720171029 

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Psalm 33

By David Yardley

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SATB, c3.00

David Yardley is a critically-acclaimed, award-winning composer of choral music, writing medieval/fantasy-inspired works influenced by authentic medieval techniques. Based in New York as of 2016, David was born in Australia and has composed music performed by a number of Australian and international choirs.  
In 2012, he released a CD of his compositions, titled New Carols and Songs for Chaucer’s Pilgrims. The CD has been broadcast on national radio and received a 4½ star review in the national newspaper, The Weekend Australian. On the CD, his works were performed by some of Australia’s finest choral musicians, using medieval English lyrics for which the original music from the time has not survived. 
Since this time, in the context of his diplomatic postings, David has composed music for the Afghanistan National Institute of Music and the choir of Southwark Cathedral, London. In 2016, David won the Royal School of Church Music (Australia) Composition Competition with his setting of Psalm 33, from the Middle English Wycliffe Bible.  'Wirripang New Composition' (2015).
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By Jack Bochow

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Piano solo, composed 2016, c.4'30 - 5'00.  Grade: A.Mus L.Mus

Winner of the Wirripang New Composition 2017 - Queensland Music Teachers' Assoc., Gold Coast.
Born in 1994 and raised in South-East Queensland, Jack Bochow has been composing since age 12. He completed his Bachelor studies in Classical Piano in 2015 at Queensland Conservatorium, and since then has commenced a Masters degree in Composition studying at the same institution. He has been involved in many public and private piano performances within Queensland featuring both his own work and the classical repertoire. His compositional style is currently centred on the piano, and encompasses a variety of genres ranging from jazz to contemporary classical to minimalism. He received a Highly Commended award in the 2015 Sydney Eisteddfod for Own Composition, has had pieces performed in workshop by Michael-Kieran Harvey and most recently won the 2017 MTAQ Composers Competition. He currently lives in Brisbane and intends to continue pursuing composition as a career both within Australia and eventually overseas. 
This work explores an eclectic variety of styles, characters and technical features. But it is essentially - and most importantly - an exposition of the inner-feelings of a composer exploring their language.
Unburdened by a context or a specific cultural inspiration, it is music that is direct, spirited and personal. Utilising features found in contemporary jazz, classical & modal harmony, the Toccata-Soliloquy creates a continually shifting plane of ideas that ebb and flow between harmonic and technical extremes. It never quite allows the listener to become fully settled in a single motif, but always keeps them so close to the notes that it is impossible not to feel the tension, ferocity and joie de vivre that bursts from each bar as the composer speaks to them in his own language.

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ISMN 9790720172095
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