New Composers 

Wirripang Pty Ltd is a classical fine music publisher with a focus on music composed by Australian Composers and written for concert or staged performance and educational/studio teaching. The Company accepts the submission of original works, on a twice-yearly basis. All submissions are peer-reviewed by panels of leading Australian composers, performers and industry experts.

In striving to contribute to the highest standards of international publication, Wirripang will only consider work that meets the following submission criteri:

1. Compositions will normally demonstrate:

  • an engaging use of musical materials;
  • technical skill in balancing instrumental and/or vocal sonorities;
  • innovative approaches to the use of colour, texture or word-setting;
  • evidence of careful structure and design;
  • professional quality computer notation and layout according to Wirripang guidelines on its website.
  • a body of work that demonstrates a quality standard of compositional material *.

2.  Supporting material should include:

  • a 250-word CV indicating any previous publications, performances and recordings;
  • a 50-word statement of awareness about Wirripang’s current catalogue as shown on its website and how your submission might fit within it;
  • a quality current digital portrait photograph for promotional purposes.

3.  Composers submitting for the first time must submit three (3) works only for consideration. *These three works must each be complete and not part of a volume or be individual movements.  Works with lyrics or of a culturally sensitive nature, copyright in writing for their use must accompany these works.

The composer will guarantee a minimum of five (5) works for publication during the first 12 months after acceptance.  Please include your email and postal address when submitting works.

4.  Under graduate students will not be considered and students at post graduate level must demonstrate that their works are entirely their own composition and not subjected to academic scrutiny.


  • All scores and supporting material to be submitted in PDF format. Any reference to the composer is to be removed from scores as these are submitted to the panel members anonymously. 
  • If works are set as movements or a cycle, please combine into one file. If a work is part of a collection, the complete set must be submitted. Scores are to be submitted one month prior to each meeting which occur June and December.  Please do not submit for review computer generated music scores, such as Sibelius or Finale.
  • Scores only (no parts) and all supporting material to be sent to Wirripang electronically at  Hard copies will note be accepted.
  • We strongly encourage composers to have all works performance tested and/or vetted by a performer before presentation before the panel.


  • Although a composer has been approved for publication, all future submissions will follow the above guidelines as outlined above.

Handwritten and graphic scores may be considered under exceptional circumstances

    Publishing Requirements:

    For detail information please download the Publishing Guidelines  

    The next 2021 assessment for all works will be held on 11th December, however, submissions must be received no later than one month before this date.

    Artists' Advisory Panel Members:

    New South Wales:

    Professor Dr Michael Atherton AM, BA (Hons), MA (Hons), PhD (UTS). Writing and Society Research Centre, University of Western Sydney

    John Wayne Dixon, MA (Hons), AMusA, LTCL. Lecturer in Composition, Performance and Sound Studies Faculty of Creative Arts, University of Wollongong

    Dr Michael Dixon, DCA (UOW), MMus (Contemporary Musicology), MPhil (Composition), LRSM, FTCL, former Principal Horn Queensland Orchestra and guest Principal Horn AOBO

    Wendy Dixon Dip.Mus (Hons), Master of Music (Mus Ed), Guest Artist Soloist for Opera Australia, private studio and educational teacher of singing

    David Miller AM, BA (Hons), Chair Ensemble Studies, Sydney Conservatorium of Music (Piano/Accompaniment)

    Assoc Professor Dr Jeanell Carrigan AM
    B.A.(Mus) with distinction (Qld Con), Künstlerische Straatsdiplom (Hochschule fuer Musik, Munich), M.Mus. (UQ) DCA (University of Wollongong). Collaborative Piano Unit, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The University of Sydney

    Dr John Peterson, BMus (Hons), MMus, PhD (Sydney), Composer, and Senior Lecturer in Composition at the School of the Arts and Media, University of New South Wales

    Joanne Burrows, BA Grad.Dip.Teach.; A.T.C.L.; AMus.; L.T.CL. Cert.IV Assessment and Training; Master of Education and currently undertaking PhD studies. Head of Keyboard and Chair of the Curriculum Council at Riverina Conservatorium of Music


    Dr Houston Dunleavy, composer and conductor; Academic Director of Australian Guild of Music Education

    Dr Vincent Giles, BMus (Hons), PhD (VCA), freelance composer and sound artist

    "Wirripang New Composition"

    This is an innovative new scheme to provide a winner of a recognised competition an opportunity to have his or her winning work published by Wirripang.  It is designed to provide encouragement, incentive and a publishing outlet for a new composer. 

    All works published under this scheme will be known as "Wirripang New Composition" (WNC) an imprint of Wirripang Pty. Ltd.  A category under this heading will be created on the website and will be promoted in a similar way to existing composers, although composers published under WNC will have their biographical profile attached to their work listing. An agreement will be entered into for five years and 10% royalty will be paid on net sales.

    WNC eligibility: The winner must be chosen from a competition conducted by a recognised organisation approved of by Wirripang with the rules and conditions of the competition acceptable to Wirripang.

    Wirripang is to be promoted as the end publisher during the advertising period of the competition. The competition guidelines should indicate the presentation and set-out requirements standard for publishing by Wirripang. The work will only be accepted if typeset in a computer music program and Wirripang has the right to make recommendations and changes to presentation to ensure compatibility with its publishing style.  It further has the right to reject poor quality presentation or make recommendations to improve the presentation. The work will also be submitted for final approval by the Wirripang Review Panel.