Affirmations and Aspirations

By Mark John Mcencroe

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The composer, Mark John McEncroe, takes inspiration from all genres of musical endeavours. His aim is to create an emotional response to his compositions, as is echoed in the titles of his works.
These superb recordings are performed by The Janacek Phillharmonic Orchestra in Ostrava, in the Czech Republic. Conducted by Anthony Armore with orchestration by Mark J Saliba.
Wirr 063

Sheet album of all pieces are available online.

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Fanfare Suite
Hope and Optimism
Honesty Sincerity and Integrity
Confidence, Exuberance, Open Mindedness
Joy and Positivity
Symphonic Poem
The Passing
Symphonic Poem
A Celebration of the Natural World

Ancient Rivers - CD

By John Martin

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18 solo piano works performed by John Martin.  Includes works by Australian Composers John Terry, Ann Carr-Boyd, John Peterson, Horace Keats as well as, Miriam Hyde, Roy Agnew, Phillip Wilcher and William Lovelock.
Wirr 006

Print music for most of the works are available online.

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1  Windy Hill  (Roy Agnew)
2  Daybreak (Phillip Wilcher)
3 The Forest Stream (Miriam Hyde)
4  Sea Surge (Roy Agnew)
5 Grasstree Hill (Ann Carr-Boyd)
6  Autumn Winds (William Lovelock)
7  By the Lily-Pond (Horace Keats)
 Ancient Rivers (John Terry)Five Island (John Peterson)
9  Flinders Island
10 Rocky Island 
11 Bass Island 
12 Martin Island
13  Parkyns Island
14  Down the Dim Gorges
 (John Terry)
15  A River Idyll (Miriam Hyde)
16  Summerhaze (Ann Carr-Boyd)
17  Drought-Stricken Grasses (Miriam Hyde)
18 A Summer Breeze (Horace Keats)

Andrew Schultz Piano Music

By Andrew Schultz

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For Andrew Schultz, the music in this collection covers most of his output written for solo piano over an almost thirty year period since 1987. With his amazing virtuosity, the well known Australian born and  international pianist, Antony Gray, demonstrates his expressive control of phrasing and colour which makes this disc a most pleasurable listening experience.
Wirr 078

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  Interludes, Op. 100, No. 2
1 A gift of paper
2  Secret meetings
Nocturnes and Variations, Op.96
3   Nocturne - Lento
4   Variations - Sostenuto e misterioso
5   Nocturne - Liquido (quasi senza misura)
Prelude and Postscript, Op. 100, No. 1
6   Prelude
7   Postscript
Four Inventions, Op. 74a
8   Paradise Bar Prelude
9   Toccata (in two parts)
10  Little Interlude for Billy
11  Poppy's Fugue (in two parts)
12  Sleepers Wake - Karalananga, Op. 64b
13 Barcarolle, Op. 54a
14 Sea-Change, Op. 32

Ann and John CD

By Ann Carr-Boyd and John Martin

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    Music by Ann Carr-Boyd and John Martin.

    Piano by John Martin

    The friendship of Ann and John is based upon laughter and music which makes this wonderful collection of piano music so delightful. The pieces are composed by both Ann and John, and performed by John.

 Wirr 124

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All scores available online.

Digital downloads and retail digital tracks available here


Another Look at Autumn - CD

By John Martin

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  Pianist John Martin is joined by
  violinist Victoria Jacono-Gilmovich and
  pianist Sally Whitwell (piano for four hands) in this wonderful
  collection of Australian music by some of Australia's finest
  composers. John's intuitive musicality and sensitivity brings this
 recording to an exceptionally high level of performance.
 The CD has been dedicated to the late John Terry.
Wirr 102

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 [1]   Brownhill Creek in Spring - Miriam Hyde
 [2]   Another Look at Autumn - Nigel Sabin
 [3]   Frangipani - Ross Edwards
 [4]   Not Yet! - Amanda Handel 
 [5]   Hand in Hand - Katherine McPhail 
 [6]   Dance of the Pagans - Mark McEncroe
 [7]   Spiral Galaxy - Ann Carr-Boyd  (with Sally Whitwell, piano)
 [8]   Sombrero Galaxy - Ann Carr-Boyd  (with Sally Whitwell, piano)
 [9]   Pluto - Ann Carr-Boyd  (with Sally Whitwell, piano)
 [10] Rag for Razz – Ann Carr-Boyd  (with Sally Whitwell, piano)
 [11] You on My Mind - Ian Mark Hogan 
 [12] West Wind - Ann Carr-Boyd (with Victoria Jacono-Gilmovich, violin)  
 [13] Foxtrot - Ann Carr-Boyd (with Victoria Jacono-Gilmovich, violin)  
 [14] Paradox - John Terry
 [15] Story - John Terry 
 [16] Fading MemoriesMark McEncroe 
 [17] The Year’s Last, Loveliest Smile - Philip Wilcher


By Antonietta Loffredo

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New music for toy piano and/or piano played by Antonietta Loffredo. 
Another exciting University of Western Sydney project of newly composed works inspired by the landscapes and atmospheres of one of the most fascinating continents on the planet.  Antarctica is considered an inhospitable continent but it has fascinated and inspired not only travellers, scientists, researchers but musicians and writers.  This program of eleven composers from five countries draws on the sounds of the piano, and the clear, distinctive sound of two toy pianos, into their works. This music been performed by Antonietta in Australia and Italy.
Wirr 059

Antarctica volume of the scores will be available online.

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1  Inside Silence  - Sara Carvalho (Portugal)
2  The Blue Ice Cave - Diana Blom (Australia)
3  Implacable Ice - Mercedes Zavala (Spain)
4  "A" As Antarctica - Francesco Schweizer (Italy)
5   Percorso A - Stefano Procaccioli (Italy)
6   Erebus - Chris Adams (New Zealand)
7  HeartBroken Star In The Dream Winds Of Endless Night - Nathan Wilson (Australia)
8  Isola di memorie - Paolo Longo (Italy)
9  Antarctica Suite - Gian Gaolo Luppi (Italy)
10  Icewhite (penguin's steps in the eternity of nothing) - Antonio Giacometti (Italy)
11  Iceberg Variations - Paul Smith (Australia)

Aulos Australis

By Jeanell Carrigan, James Kortum

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James Kortum (flute) and Jeanell Carrigan (piano)


Sonatas for Flute and Piano by Australian Women

"The flute is an instrument blessed with an expressiveness all its own. Lustrous and penetrating, tender and lyrical, charming and sensual, its hues would put a chameleon to shame."  (Rhein, 1963)

The above quote has been taken from a review John von Rhein wrote about the well-known flute virtuoso Donald Peck who was, for some time, the teacher of James Kortum. It expresses the many wonderful qualities of the flute as an instrument, capable of a variety of sounds, an instrument capable of adjusting its basic colour characteristics to suit the style of the works that are being performed. The five flute sonatas on this recording are all quite different in style and employ different timbres with only these two aspects in common – they are all written by an Australian composer who was also a woman. The sonatas by Miriam Hyde and Phyllis Batchelor have already joined the stream of traditional flute repertoire but the two sonatas by Meta Overman and the solo flute sonata by Margery Smith, written especially for the virtuosity of James Kortum are recorded here for the first time.
Wirr 096

Most print music of these works available online

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Sonata 1 for Flute and Piano (Meta Overman)
1   Allegro moderato
2   Variations - Allegretto non troppo
3   Andante sostenuto
4   Vivo e risoluto
Sonata for Flute and Piano (Miriam Hyde)
5   Allegro giocoso
6   Andante pastorale
7  Allegro con spirit
Sonata for Flute and Piano (Phyllis Batchelor)
8   Molto allegro
9   Adagio
10 Vivace
Sonata 2 for Flute and Piano (Meta Overman)
11  Allegro energico
12  Poco lento, delicate
13 Allegro animato
Sonata for Flute (Margery Smith)
14  1.  Elegy
15  2.  Incisive
16  3.  Black abyss
17  4.  Breathless

Australia - East and West - CD

By Blom, Bennett

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New music for viola and piano by Australian Composers


Dawn Bennett, viola and Diana Blom, piano

When two musicians undertake research into the music they perform, thoughts will inevitably turn to a creative research project in which they can put this focus into practice. Australia East and West sought to foster national and international interest in contemporary classical music written by Australian composers through new music for viola and piano.
The project was devised by composer and pianist Diana Blom and violist Dawn Bennett, who commissioned, performed, recorded and researched a program of new works for viola and piano by Australian composers – Alice Humphries, Michael Hannan, John Encarnacao, Nicole Murphy, Cat Hope, Diana Blom, Lisa Cheney, and Clare Maclean.
The project resulted in nine new works which connected to the project title through their exploration of aural, cultural and creative notions of Eastern and Western Australia. Diana lives in Sydney and Dawn in Perth, so the two sides of the large Australian continent were in our minds, and we had associations with composers on each coast.
Wirr 101

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[1]   Surface - Nicole Murphy
[2]   Fear - Alice Humphries
[3]   Majesty - Alice Humphries
[4]   Waltzing with Elling - Diana Blom
[5]   In the Sea Paths - Clare Maclean
Tarantula Variations - John Encarnacao
[6]   Variation I
[7]   Variation II
[8]   Variation III
[9]   Variation IV
[10]  Into the Sun - Diana Blom
[11]  Echo Tango - Michael Hannan
[12]  The Sinister Glamour of Modernity (after Ross Gibson) - Cat Hope
[13]  Fragile - Lisa Cheney

Australian Piano Anthology for the 21st Century - Vol. One - CD

By Katie Zhukov

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Piano music by Australian composers played by Katie Zhukov. 
It became apparent that there was a need for new piano works which represented contemporary Australian composers.  Wirripang approached its composers who, with their magnificient response, produced so many excellent works. 46 compositions were finally chosen, edited and critiqued by Katie Zhukov, and were embodied in three albums of sheet music each accompanied by a CD of the pieces recorded by Katie.  
It was from these recordings by Katie that this CD evolved. It is a collection of very pleasant, listenable and varied piano music and representative of the very high standard of work being written by Wirripang Australian composers. 

The three books of these works (and more) are available online titled:
Wirripang Australian Piano Anthology - 2011 - Books One or Two or Three

Download samples
1  Baggy Green Rag  (John Martin)
2  Prelude and Fugue Chromatica (Tony Wheeler)
3  Catherine Wheels (May Howlett)
4  Nocturne for a Nebula (Ann Carr-Boyd)
5  The Pink Ballerina on a White Pony (May Howlett)
6  Key Connections (Betty Beath)
7  Thorn of the Rose (John Martin)
8  Prelude to Play(Betty Beath)
9   Parade (May Howlett)
10  The Demented Demon (Brennan Keats)
11 Paradise Bar   Prelude (Andrew Schultz)
12  Red Dust Settles (Brennan Keats)
13  Politically Correct Rag  (Paul Paviour)
14  Very Slow Jazz (Ann Carr-Boyd)
15  The Jazz Cat Miaou (Frank Millward)
16  Light Through a Stained Glass Window 
(Betty Beath)
17  Outlines (Andrew Helberg)
18  Intermezzo in E  (Phillip Wilcher)
19  Lucky Thirteen (John Peterson)
20  Toccatina (Colin Brumby)
21  Dreamboat Blues (Amanda Handel)
22  Watching the River Flow (John Petrson)
23  Valse Triste (Stephen Yates)
24 The Breeze and You (Frank Millward) 
25 Prelude II (Jennifer Trynes)
26 Mistique (Mark Matthews)
27  Ball Games - Basketball (Diana Blom)  
28  Tip-Toe Tango (Jocelyn E Kotchie) 
29 The Afghans (Stephen O'Connell)
30 At Sundown  (Amanda Handel)


Australian Saxophone Anthology, The - CD

By Robert Woodward

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22 solo and accompaniment works by various Australian composers, performed by Robert Woodward, saxophone and Benjamin Burton piano.  The pieces, especially composed for this anthology, compiled and edited by Rob, are sensitively and imaginatively performed.  A marvellous collection of works, the first produced in Australia.  Composers include: Colin Brumby, Brennan Keats, John Wayne Dixon, Paul Ballam-Cross, Paul Paviour, Ric Mills, Brett McKern, Gavin Lockley, Houston Dunleavy, Stephen O'Connell, and Stephen Yates.
Wirr 055

An album of print music for all these pieces is available online.

Download samples

Entrada (Colin Brumby)
Sonata for Alto Saxophone (Paul Ballam-Cross)
   - Movement I ,- Movement II,
   - Movement III,  - Movement IV
Starlight on the Sea (Brennan Keats)
Seasides(John Wayne Dixon)
   - GullsSand Dance,   RetreatEbb
An April Aubade Paul Paviour)
Suite for Saxophone (Ric Mills)
   - Missing PeaceAt First Sight,  
   MeaningI'm Still With You,
God Be in My Head
Scherzo for Saxophone (Brett McKern)
Pie Jesu (Gavin Lockley) 
Capriccio (Colin Brumby)
Serenade (Houston Dunleavy)
Tempe Downs (Stephen O'Connell)
Fandangle Indeed (Stephen Yates)

Australian Song Cycles - Vol 1

By Various Composers

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Features 32 songs from six song cycles by prominent Australian composers - Ian Cooper, John Peterson, Richard Charlton, Margaret Sutherland, Dulcie Holland and Nigel Butterley who have set poems by Jane Adamson, William Blake, Kenneth Slessor, Mary Gilmore, Robin Gurr.    Performed by Wendy Dixon (soprano) and David Miller (piano).
Wirr 036

Print music for First Person Feminine, Eternity's Sunrise, Four Blake Songs and Child in Nature are available online.

Download samples
First Person Feminine - Ian Cooper (Adamson)
1  i ,  - 2  ii   , - 3  iii , - 4 iv ,  - 5 v,   - 6  vi,   - 7  vii
Eternity's Sunrise - John Peterson (Blake)
8  Auguries of Innocence
9  On Another's Sorrow
10 Holy Thursday
11 Endless Night
12  Eternity
Statues - Richard Charlton (Slessor)
13  The Statues Awake
14  Venus and Apollo
15  Flowers16 The ghosts of flesh
17  Reality
Four Blake Songs - Margaret Sutherland (Blake)
18  Memory, hither come
19  Piping down the valley wild
20  How sweet I roamed
21  I love the jocund dance
Four Mary Gilmore Songs - Dulcie Holland (Gilmour)
22  Whom shall I praise?
23  Spring
24  The loving heart
25  Rittle rattle rittle
Child in Nature - Nigel Butterley (Gurr)
26  The Child
27  The Bird
28  Brown Jack 
29  Spider's Web 
30  The Cricket 
31  The Wind and the Song 
32  A Dark Glow About Me 

Bach & Abel - CD

By Diana Weston, Shaun Ng

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Music for square piano, viola da gamba and  harpsichord

by John Christian Bach and Carl Friedrich Abel
and featuring an original piano forte by Broadwood

Shaun Ng and Diana Weston explore the music of John Christian Bach and Carl Friedrich Abel composed during a period of transition – the latter part of the eighteenth century.  Abel was recognised as a virtuoso of the viola da gamba, and wrote sympathetically for it, even as the instrument showed signs of becoming obsolete. The young Bach saw the possibilities of the new technology – the so-called Piano Forte – and took to it with zest. This recording re-introduces that sound to the present. At the same time, it is contrasted pointedly with that of the harpsichord, the two linked by the viola da gamba.

During the course of the partnership forged between John Christian Bach and Carl Friedrich Abel over the eighteen-year period of their London Concert Series (1764-1782) considerable changes in styles of music came about, not least because of the development of the piano forte. Seemingly, Christian fully appreciated the new keyboard, his own style being intrinsically suited to its tonal qualities. He was the first to publicly showcase the new (Zumpe) piano forte in 1768. His collection of four sonatas for harpsichord and piano forte with viola da gamba contains two for harpsichord and two for piano forte. In these he demonstrates the compositional styles suited to the different instruments. Of note is his adoption of a distinctive expressive cantabile style in those for the piano forte.

Recorded at St Johns College

Wirr 104

Download samples

[1-2] J C Bach Sonata in F major for Piano e forte and Viola da Gamba Warb B 6b 
[3-5] C F Abel Sonata in G major for Viola da Gamba and Basso A2:52 
[6 - 7]  J C Bach Sonata in G major for Harpsichord and Viola da Gamba Warb B 4b
[8 - 10] C F Abel Sonata in A major for Viola da Gamba and Basso A2:53
Allegro assai
[11 - 12] J C Bach Sonata in F major for Piano e forte and Viola da Gamba) Warb B 15b
[13 - 14]  C F Abel Sonata in B flat major for Viola da Gamba and Basso A2:54 CF