By Peter Mcnamara

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Solo percussion (vibraphone and tam tam) and pre-recorded electronics, c.11'10
Composed 2013

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ISMN 9790720146232

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By Paul Ballam-cross

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Low flutes and percussion c. 6'30
Composed 2014

See Wirripang CD Labyrinths of Lowness (Wirr 064) available online

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Anniversary Fanfare

By John Peterson

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Brass and percussion, c.4'30

The music begins with a majestic introductory fanfare, but soon gives way to more up-tempo music whose relentless rhythmic energy is joyous and exciting, and largely in a concert overture style.

This work was commissioned for the Ku-ring-gai Philharmonic Orchestra on the occasion of their 40th anniversary in 2012.   Composed 2012.

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ISMN 9790720126951
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At the melting of the snow

By Peter Mcnamara

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Soprano, alto flute and vibraphone, c.4:30

The text for this work makes use of a lesser-known, but still beautifully depictive poem by A.B. (Banjo) Paterson of the same name, written in 1902, but not published until 1917. The poem depicts the amazing transformation that occurs during the spring of the Snowy Mountains, where the snow melts to reveal the green grasses and many varied wildflowers.  Composed 2018

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ISMN 9790720214146

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Baroque Bear at the Arabian Wedding Party, The

By Gina Ismene Chitty

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For marimba, classical guitar, sleigh bells and cow bells, c.7'00

The Baroque Bear is a character from the Grunewald forest in Berlin of the early 1700s. He time travels to be a guest at a twenty first century Arabian wedding party.

The Classical guitar, representative of the Baroque Bear, reflects on his musings and gradual  acceptance of the florid Arabian traditions, similar and yet dissimilar to his own musical and Bärenfamilie traditions.

 At the onset he is confused by the rich and diverse Arabian music and culture, the dance rhythms, the wild abandon and the prevailing joie de vivre that seems a little removed from his own culture and music.  But he quickly strikes a rapport with the beautiful bride and the groom, plodding on and cheerfully asserting his own ornamentation of decorative flourishes, trills and little arpeggiated riffs, to match the exotic dance melodies and rhythms of the lovely couple.

Composed 2020.  

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ISMN 9790720227801
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By Peter Dart

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For 2 marimbas and pre-recorded sound.

BirdTalk was written for the players to enjoy. The composer has no idea what the title
means. For him it was suggestive of a playful dialogue between the two marimbas and the pre-recorded sounds. The sounds are chirpy and chattering rather than obviously birdlike.  The performers may interpret and play with the title as they please.
Composed 2018

Hard copy purchase includes reduced conductor's score and two marimba scores.

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       ISMN 9790720226620

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      Burning City

      By Andrew Helberg

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      For percussion ensemble, contrabass and piano.

      A short musical essay, inspired by Asian drumming and the structures of prose writing. The title Burning City is based on a chapter of the book Destination Chungking by Han Suyin. 

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      ISMN 9790720101859

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      Bush Telegraph

      By Michael Atherton

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      Marimba Duet, c.4'30
      Composed 2012

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      ISMN 9790720133164

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      Chacun à son gout!

      By Colin Brumby

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      6-part accompanied round for instruments.
      A fun piece, preferably with violinists, but not limited to!!

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      ISMN 9790720093505
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      Chillin' in Lockdown

      By Gina Ismene Chitty

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      For marimba, drum set and piano, c.2'00

      This piece captures the easy and relaxed mindset of a young adolescent who is happy to experience the unexpected bonus of a longer school holiday during the Covid lockdown.

      The spaces within the harmonies of the marimba and piano, and the higher sonorities reflect a ‘lightness of being’, the lightness of being released from the bondage of assignments, assessments and other school tasks.

       A heady feeling, to be young, unencumbered, and thrust into vacation from the rigidities of school examinations.

      Composed 2020

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          ISMN 9790720227825
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          By John D'Arcy

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          Orff-Percussion, c.1'10.  Suitable for school students aged 6-9 years.

          Composed 2022

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          ISMN 9790673141735

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          Dance of the Ballerina Marionette

          By Sonia Sozio

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          Mixed Ensemble, c.1'30.  Intermediate grade
          (Percussion, marimba, harp)

          This work aims to capture the light and graceful dancing of a ballerina marionette on point who dreams to be free of her strings. She is so immersed in the music as she elegantly leaps, pirouettes and dances around the stage that she does not realise that the strings are released from her arms and legs in the last three bars of the piece.

          Composed 2020

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          ISMN 9790720227924
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