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After Dark

By May Howlett

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Trio for flute, violoncello and piano, c.4'20
Composed 2012

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Allegro and Sarabande de Concert

By Phillip Wilcher

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Cello and piano, c.5'30

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By Tony Wheeler

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Bb clarinet (with optional cell) and piano, c.4'45. Medium level of difficulty.

This pieces utilises the wide ranges and rich timbres of the bass clarinet and the Bb clarinet. The writing is strongly melodic throughout, integrated with harmonic material which ranges from mildly dissonant to decidedly diatonic. The transition in harmonic material can be seen in some ways to reflect the title of the piece, representing perhaps a transformation from clouds and mist to clear, blue skies and sunlight. Composed 2017

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By Mike Irik

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Cello and piano.  Composed 1990

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Beneath the Yellow Moon

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Cello and piano,  c.15'00, suggested grade 8-A.MusA
The three movements form a large ternary structure and the cello imitating the didjeridu at various points in the score evokes a distinctly Australian feel. Some opportunities are provided for improvising high harmonics in the cello part during the third movement which suggests images reminiscent of outback mirages.  Composed 2004/2005
  • 1.  Beneath the Yellow Moon, c.8'30
  • 2.  Billabong, c.4'30
  • 3.  Dreamtime Haze, c.2'00
Recorded Fandango Returns! (Wirr 090) available online

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Beneath the Yellow Moon - sheet music


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Cadenza II

By Peter Mcnamara

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Solo violoncello, c.8'30
Composed 2012

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Catch 75

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Voice, recorder, cello, harpsichord and sticks, c.8'35. 
This work is a mix of aboriginal and European instruments using techniques from both traditions and reflecting music of both traditions although many of the effects in this piece could be improvised. Composed 1975.

Part of the recent collection of 38 pieces for Flying West - and all recorded by Thoroughbass on a double CD available online (Wirr 066).

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Chamber Sonata

By Brett M Mckern

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Alto saxophone, cello and organ in three movements:
  • I   Centratura, c.5’00
  • II  Scherzo, c.1’50
  • III Introduzione e Fuga, c.4’10
The opening movement starts with each performer offstage, the saxophone and cello playing as they walk onto the stage. Their search for tonality and synchronicity, begins with just a few notes. A motive develops for each instrument; the cello begins with open strings, the organ part with a small diatonic cluster, and the three instruments eventually come together as an ensemble. Composed 2016

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Changing Moods

By May Howlett

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Cello and piano, and unaccompanied, c.10.30. Suggested grades 5-7.
The expressive range of the cello is explored technically in light-hearted treatments of a variety of styles. From the sweeping bow for the rich tones required of the Etude; the sharpness of attack in the drama of the tango; and on to the more contemplative, abstract approach in the solo piece, Reflections on Siloam. Three movements:

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By Ann Carr-boyd

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Spoken voice, harpsichord and ensemble, c.10'15.  Composed 1974.
The spoken words are taken from Francois Couperin’s L’Art de toucher Le Clavecin, a manual on harpsichord playing which Couperin wrote in 1716. In it he covers very completely all matters of style and technique, from which a few sentences have been chosen as a starting point for this composition, which is a homage to French music of all periods.

Part of the recent collection of 38 pieces for Flying West (Wirr 066) - all recorded by Thoroughbass on a double CD available online 

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Devils at Dusk

By Natasha Trinkle

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Cello and piano, c.4'45
Devils at Dusk begins and ends with improvised sections in which the cellist is encouraged to create a soundscape depicting either Tasmanian Devils or an Australian bush setting. These sections also provide an opportunity for developing cellists to explore extended technique and find different sounds that they enjoy creating with the cello. Composed 2015
Published under the Wirripang New Composition scheme. 


Natasha Trinkle is a freelance cellist and cello teacher living in Melbourne. Her interests include the use of cello in traditional and folk music genres, as well as composition and Australian improvised music. Natasha began learning piano at the age of five and cello at the age of nine. Cello became her main focus and in 2000 she completed a Bachelor of Music at the Elder Conservatorium in Adelaide. Following this she began exploring the role of cello in various contexts, in particular Scottish folk music, jazz, and improvised music. It was this passion for improvising that prompted Natasha to complete Honours in cello performance at Monash University in 2015. During this time, she also began experimenting with composition, and with support from staff at Monash, Natasha was able to integrate improvisation and composition into her Honours performance program. In November 2015, Natasha Trinkle won first prize for Devils at Dusk in the inaugural ANZCA composition competition at Monash University.

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Devils at Dusk - sheet music









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Distance Embedded, A

By Houston Dunleavy

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Solo Cello - based on fragments of a Korean folk song, c.9'30

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