By Colin Brumby

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Viola and piano, c.3'00.  AMEB Manual List B, Level 2 5th grade
Composed 2001

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ISMN 9790720101804

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Absence - String Quartet No. 3

By Houston Dunleavy

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For String Quartet, c.7'00

The work is very simple, relying on the simple melody first heard in the cello.  All of the harmonic material and subsequent melodic material is based on the opening cello writing of this piece. Composed 2011

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After the Tears

By Phillip Wilcher

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Flute and string orchestra, c.4'50

Dedicated to the lives and loved ones of all who perished in the Black Saturday fires 2009.

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ISMN 9790720101187
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Alexandra Suite

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Violin ensemble and piano in four movements for eight violins, c.16'00
Composed 2011 for Australian Violin Ensemble

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Allegro and Sarabande de Concert

By Phillip Wilcher

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Cello and piano, c.5'30. Grade 6

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ISMN 9790720093833
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Allegro Vivace for Strings

By Betty Beath

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For violin 1, 2, viola, cello and double bass, c.2'40
A companion piece to Adagio for Strings "Lament for Kosovo". It draws on that work's concluding expressions of optimism, now transformed to express the energy and exhilaration which accompany the joy experienced in a celebration of life.

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 ISMN M720065

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Amelie's Courtyard

By Glenn Rogers

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Solo guitar, c.4'00
Composed 2014

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ISMN 9790900979759
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And Then...

By Houston Dunleavy

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Solo viola c.7'30
Composed 1996

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ISMN M720011691
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By Andrew Schultz

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Solo Viola, 5'80. Grade A.Mus.A.  AMEB Manual List A, Level 3 Associate

As the name implies, a more lively piece than normal for this instrument!

Audio sample from "Viola Power" Tall Poppies CD, TP098, used with permission.  Patricia Pollett (viola)

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ISMN M720072821
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Aurorae Sinus - String Quartet

By Keyna Wilkins

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String Quartet, c.4'30. Level of difficulty: 6th grade.

Aurorae Sinus is a dark feature in the southern hemisphere known as the "eye of Mars". In this work Wilkins has tried to capture an enigmatic mood of stillness, weightlessness and stasis through use of gradually shifting harmonies. 
Composed 2012

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ISMN 9790720140216

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By Mike Irik

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Cello and piano.  Grade 7-8

Composed 1990.

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ISMN 9790720166315
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By Robert Burrell

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For solo violin and sound track. The accompaniment is an audio recording of bird calls, Butcherbird.  

Composed 2011.

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ISMN 9790720171395

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