Woodwind Ensemble

After Dark

By May Howlett

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Trio for flute, violoncello and piano, c.4'20
Composed 2012

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At the melting of the snow

By Peter Mcnamara

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Soprano, alto flute and vibraphone, c.4:30

The text for this work makes use of a lesser-known, but still beautifully depictive poem by A.B. (Banjo) Paterson of the same name, written in 1902, but not published until 1917. The poem depicts the amazing transformation that occurs during the spring of the Snowy Mountains, where the snow melts to reveal the green grasses and many varied wildflowers.  Composed 2018

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Aurorae Sinus - Trio

By Keyna Wilkins

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Flute, Trumpet and Double Bass, c.4'50.  Level of difficulty: 6th grade.  

Aurorae Sinus is a dark feature in the southern hemisphere known as the "eye of Mars". In this work Wilkins has tried to capture an enigmatic mood of stillness, weightlessness and stasis through use of gradually shifting harmonies. 
Composed 2016

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Christmas Card Fantasy (ensemble)

By Miriam Hyde

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Flute, violin, violoncello and piano, c.2'15

A fantasy on Hyde’s favourite carol, The Holly and the Ivy.

Composed 1955

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Clarinet Concerto No.1

By Greg Butcher

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Solo Clarinet and Wind Ensemble, c.15'00

Demanding piece for the clarinet but simple melodies interweave throughout the band with tutti sections all relatively 'tonic and dominant' melodic progressions.    Composed 2013

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(189 pages)

Cool Valley

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Flute, oboe and string quartet, c.5'20
Composed 2008 rev. 2012

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Eagle and The Whale, The

By Brennan Keats

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For chamber ensemble, flute, clarinets and cello,  c.3'40

This miniature chamber work illustrates an imagined meeting between these two large creatures whose normal habitats are the extremities of our globe. Out of this exchange flows the concept of melody.

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      By Peter Rankine

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      Three movements for Wind Quintet - piccolo/flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon c.15'00

      Eulogy seeks to embrace, celebrate and pay tribute to the voicings in the ensemble (including some piquant octave and double-octave passages) are a tribute to Stravinsky, who seemed to invent wind instruments, such was the depth and novelty of his idiosyncratic writing. Bartok and Lutoslawski often reinterpreted Baroque and Classical forms and techniques, and similar ambitions are expressed in the first two movements of the work. While the third movement is inspired by Messiaen's bird call.
      Composed 1987 rev. 2022

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      Fairies' Playground, The

      By Carolyn Morris

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      Oboe, cor anglais, bassoon and piano. c.2'10.  Intermediate to advance grade.

      Composed 2020

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      By May Howlett

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      For Flute ensemble, c.4'00. Grade 6
      An Ode to Gallipoli and the futility of war. As in a ‘still’ photo from a movie, each soldier falls to the earth, a dying leaf from the Tree of Life. So the notes fall on the listener, slowly and wearily. We mourn our loss the more because man’s lust for power through blood will not be so easily appeased by this sacrifice. Composed 2015

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      Fanfare for Uncommon Flutes

      By Houston Dunleavy

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      Flute ensemble for all sizes and sorts with 3 piccolos, 3 flutes, 2 alto flutes, bass flute, contrabass flute, sub-contrabass flute and hyperbass flute.

      A tip of the hat to Copland's famous fanfare, particularly in the voicing of chords, but with idiosyncratic methods of creating polyphony through the use of displacement, gives the piece an identity of its own.  Composed 2013

      Audio sample courtesy Monash University Flute Ensemble, directed by Peter Sheridan (Move MD 3366) 2013

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      Fantasia on Waltzing Matilda for Woodwind Quintet

      By Miriam Hyde

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      Two flutes, oboe, clarinet in E flat, bassoon
      Composed 1991

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