12 Pieces for Flute and Piano

By Graham Jesse

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For flute and  piano

These pieces take you on a journey through several moods and genres, including contemporary chromaticism, fun latin and jazzy grooves, a blues with characteristic pitch bends, and reflective, contemplative settings.  See descriptions of each below.
Composed 2018.

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(Virgina Taylor flute, Simon Tedeschi, piano)

    • 1.  Waves, c.4’30.  Grade 6 -
      The lilting opening piano motif in triple time sets the mood for floating on waves
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    •   2.  Flutter, c. 2’25. Cert. of Performance.  Uses the flutter tongue technique with a funky feel
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    • 3.  Ripples, c. 2’05. Grade 8. 
      Flowing pentatonic runs represent the pattern of ripples that spread out when a pebble is thrown into a pond.

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    • 4.  Chromatic Flight, c. 3’10.  Cert. of Performance
      An exploration of the chromatic scale
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    • 5.  Convolution, c. 2’35.  Grade 8

      The melodic motif in this piece takes some convoluted twists and turns
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    • 6.  Contemplation, c. 5’00.  Grade 6
      A meditative, contemplative piece
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Latin Collection:

  • 7.  Bossa Flauto, c. 3’35.  Grade 7
    A Bossa Nova inspired piece
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  • 8.  Silly Galloot, c. 4’05.  Grade 7
    A Samba with some fun interplay between the flute and the piano
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  •   9.  Savusavu, c. 3’45.  Grade 7
    A Calypso with a laid-back feel
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Jazz Collection:

  • 10.  Don This, c. 3’25.  Grade 7
    A bebop style piece dedicated to Don Burrows
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  • 11.  Waltz, c. 4’20.  Grade 6

    A pretty melody with a jazz feel in waltz time
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  • 12.  Flutist Blues, c. 3’15.  Grade 7

    A 12 bar blues with a bridge, featuring some bluesy pitch bends on the flute
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Review in The Age and Spectrum magazine (April 2020)

Review in Loud Mouth, Music Trust E-Zine (July 2021)

ISMN 9790720214405

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Accidental Encounters

By Tania Owens

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and casual conversations ...

Flute and piano, c.4'00.  Grade 5

This piece was conceived as a duo where both voices have the opportunity to speak independently in a relaxed yet virtuosic manner, and then to combine in conversation as true equals. It spans classical and jazz traditions and explores the same melodic material within these two musical styles.

Composed 2019

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ISMN 9790720226767

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Across the Oceans Deep and Blue (flute)

By John Peterson

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Flute and piano, c.4'20.  HSC level of difficulty

Across the Oceans Deep and Blue is inspired by the fact that Australia is an island continent, and the music represents a vision of the deep blue oceans that surround it. The flute melodies begin with simple statements of motivic figures that continue to develop in intensity as the music progresses, all the while supported by piano music that is built frequently on rich harmonies derived from ascending perfect 5th intervals, all of which is intended to reinforce the concept of not only the profundity and power of the ocean but also the richness of its colours.

Composed 2021

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ISMN 9790720231860
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Air and Water

By David Henderson

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Six duos for flute and clarinet/or alto flute, c. 11'30. Advanced.

This edition also contains a part for alto flute in G in place of the clarinet.
Composed 2014

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ISMN 9790720159140
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An Ancient Irish Melody

By Brennan Keats

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Solo bass flute and low flute ensemble, c.2'00
Based on a traditional Irish melody.  Composed 2014

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 ISMN 9790720146621

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An Ear to Hear

By Robert Burrell

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For solo flute and/or electroacoustic soundscape. Grade 5

The accompaniment is an audio recording of bird calls, Brisbane State Forest and Mt Mee.  Download available below:

Composed 2011.

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ISMN 9790720140551
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An Idle Voyce

By Phillip Wilcher

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Flute and piano, c. 2'05
Composed 2004

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By Paul Ballam-cross

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Low flutes and percussion c. 6'30
Composed 2014

See Wirripang CD Labyrinths of Lowness (Wirr 064) available online

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Ann and Del in Oz

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Two flute and piano works with a hint of the Wizard of Oz, c.5'00 each. Grade 7

Recorded on CD From a Bridge of Dreams (Wirr 005), performed by Emma Knott (flute) and David Miller (piano); and within an album of sheet music by the same title with 22 flute works.
Also recorded by Teresa Rabe (flute) and Phillipa Candy (piano) on the CD, Harp in the Highlands (Wirr 015) both available online

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ISMN M720060828
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By David Keeffe

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Flute and piano, c.4'00
composed 1976 rev 2013 

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ISMN 9790720133836
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Berceuse (alto flute)

By David Henderson

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Alto flute and piano, c.2'00
Composed 2011

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ISMN 9790720231044

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Binary Star (Alpha Centauri)

By Diana Blom

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For flute, violin, clarinet, cello and toy piano

Alpha Centauri is a binary star which appears as one single star to the naked eye in the southern skies. It is part of a triple star system located four light years from earth.
Composed 2021

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