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Director:  Anne Keats

Wirripang Pty Ltd
18/106 Corrimal Street
Wollongong NSW 2500 Australia

Phone:   0419 482 360

ABN 24 141 876 244

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you send my order?

Wirripang has a policy of mailing orders within 72 working hours. If there is an unforseen problem, particularly due to statutory regulations, you will be notified by e-mail or telephone, immediately. Please check the Home Page for any changes to shipping due to statutory holidays or other circumstances.

Can I purchase from a retail outlet?

Yes, however, the retailer will need to place the order with us first. However, it is worth considering that all Wirripang composers are paid up to 50% royalty on direct sales (most publishers pay 10-20%) so by selling through the retailer who also needs to take a discount, the composer’s royalty is substantially reduced.

Do you have a CD of the work?

In many cases we do have a CD that can be purchased. Details of these can be found by navigating to “CDs” where a track list and sample audio can be found.
Many works have a CD accompanying the volume.  Many works can also be found on  Wirripang YouTube

Can I listen to the work?

In most cases, an audio sample of at least 60 seconds is available and attached to each listing. Also see above.

Can I see a sample of the work?

In all cases, a sample page(s) (usually the first page) is attached to each work listed.

Can I purchase a digital work?

Yes.  All works are now available as digital instant downloads.  All you need to do is click on the "Buy Now" button and follow the steps for payment.  Once paid, either by PayPal or credit card, the work is immediately released for download.  Should you have any issues with this facility, please contact us.

Refund and Return Policy
Wirripang will refund or replace only under the following circumstances:
a.  The product ordered by the customer is no longer available;
b.  The product is damaged, as proof of same, such product must be returned to Wirripang within seven working days;
c.  If the order is cancelled by the customer prior to dispatch.
Where goods are to be returned, prior approval must be obtained from Wirripang.