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13 Ways of Looking at a Butcherbird

By Michael Hannan

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13 short pieces for solo piano. Level of difficulty - 5th grade.
Each movement is based melodically on transcribed butcherbird calls. Most pieces are transcribed from recordings in various locations around NSW and Queensland. The approach to the harmonic accompaniment to these movements varies according to the intervallic implications of the tunes.
Composed 2005.

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ISMN 9790720133423

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14 Experiments

By Fritz Hart

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14 works for solo piano.  Composed 1917

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 ISMN 9790720167459 

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17 Haiku

By Michael Hannan

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Solo piano.
The composer has interpreted the strict limitations of syllable numbers of the Japanese poetic haiku form in the realisation of their haiku-inspired works.

Composed 2008.  

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ISMN 9790720140599
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Aaron's Eight

By Phillip Wilcher

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Solo piano, c.20'30, Grade L.Mus - Professional
Eight pieces dedicated to the late International pianist, Aaron McMillan.
Recorded on the CD, Bundanon, Wirr.023, available online

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Aaron's Eight - I - sheet music

Aaron's Eight - I - audio sample

Aaron's Eight - III - sheet music

Aaron's Eight - III - audio sample

Aaron's Eight - V - sheet music

Aaaon's Eight - V - audio sample

Aaron's Eight - VIII - sheet music

Aaron's Eight - VIII - audio sample

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 ISMN M720072531 

ABC of Blues Book 1, The

By Mark Matthews

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This fun seven-set of 12 bar blues pieces is an excellent start for a junior student wanting to venture into blues studies or a later beginner or intermediate who is yet to be exposed to the genre.

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ABC of Blues 1 - sheet music

ISMN M720041599
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After Resonance Blues

By Bruce Crossman

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Solo piano, c.7'00
This piano piece explores the Korean idea of aftertone via interval-colour resonances and string aftertone as well as a Japanese intensification structure.

Recorded on the CD, Double Resonances (Wirr 017) available online

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ISMN M72600569
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After the Rain

By Diana Blom

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For four pianos
Composed for a short film by Sydney video installation artist, Neolene Lucas.  The film was shot in the midst of a drought at Hill End, early one morning the day after the one day it rained in the month of May, 2009.  Composed 2016

Recorded on New Music for Multiple Keyboards CD (Wirr 089) is available online

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All at Sixes and Sevens

By Paul Paviour

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Solo piano suite of 4 pieces for Grades 5 to 7.
1 Lunch will be ready soon, c.3'50, Grade 6
2 Leap Frog, c.'3'20, Grade 7
3 The Deserted Beach, c.4'0, Grade 5
4 The Cycle Race, c.2'40, Grade 6Buy Now
  On ANZCA Syllabus for 2010

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1. Lunch will be ready soon - sheet music

2. Leap Frog - sheet music

3. The Deserted Beach - sheet music

4. The Cycle Race - sheet music


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 ISMN M720060743 

Ancient Rivers

By John Terry

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Solo piano, c.19.20 
Recorded by John Martin on the CD, Ancient Rivers, Wirr006 available online

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Ancient Rivers - sheet music

Ancient Rivers - audio sample

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 ISMN M720065465 

Ancient Rivers - album

By Various Composers

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12 piano solo works by various Australian Composers. 

All pieces are available as individual sheet music (see specific works). 
CD also available played by John Martin - Ancient Rivers.

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ISMN M720065922

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And So it Goes

By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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Piano solo, c.2'00.  Grade 2

This piece was written for teens, although it equally will resonate with adults and with many pre-teens. The journey through adolescence can be a dark and lonely experience and there is often a tendency for young people to immerse themselves in melancholia. As always in writing for teens, my aim has been to create a balance between allowing the young person to live fully into their emotional life while also giving them a window of light, hope and joy to aspire to so that both the emotional and spiritual needs of adolescence are being met. As such, the music is deeply evocative but any darkness is tempered with light so that the psyche is protected, nourished and enriched.  Composed 2016

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 ISMN 9790720172026 

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Andante Teneramente and Etude for Left Hand

By Phillip Wilcher

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Solo piano, c..3'50. Grade: LMus
Composed 2011.  Recorded by Jeanell  Carringan on Wind Chimes Wirr049 available online

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-Andante Tenermante and Etude for L Hand - sheet music

-Andante Tenermante - audio sample

-Etude for L Hand - audio sample

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