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By Michael Hugh Dixon

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For seven brass - (2 x trumpet, 2 x horn, tenor and bass trombones, tuba), c.7'00
 Composed 2001

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ISMN 9790720159225

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Ancient Cedar Trees

By Michael Hannan

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Solo trumpet in Bb, c.3'20.  Grade LMus
The pitch material is based upon a series of related chords, each of which involves a common low F sharp and the D which is a minor thirteenth above.  The melodic style is very angular with intervals such as sixths, sevenths and ninths being prominent.  Recorded on Improvisations and Comprovisationswith Scott Tinker (trumpet), Wirr 051 available online.
Composed 2002

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ISMN 9790720133539
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And The Angel Gabriel Said

By Andrew Batterham

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Brass Ensemble c.14'00.
This work is not intended as a religious piece of music, but as a depiction of the appearance of the angel Gabriel to the prophet Daniel in the Bible. Brass instruments are especially suited to bringing Daniel’s vision to life, as angels are often described as using trumpets to herald significant events.
And The Angel Gabriel Said… consists of two halves. The first depicts the mundane machinations of the human world as viewed from above. The second half describes the coming of the angel Gabriel to Daniel. 

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ISMN 9690720167756
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Anniversary Fanfare

By John Peterson

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Brass and percussion, c.4'30
The music begins with a majestic introductory fanfare, but soon gives way to more up-tempo music whose relentless rhythmic energy is joyous and exciting, and largely in a concert overture style.

This work was commissioned for the Ku-ring-gai Philharmonic Orchestra on the occasion of their 40th anniversary in 2012.   Composed 2012.

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ISMN 9790720126951
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Balmoral Beach Rag

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Cornet and piano, c.5'0.  Grade 7
The Rag is descriptive and performer and listener will not find it difficult to relate the chromatic scales, the grace notes, the running and walking music, to the ever-new shock of entering the cold water; the warmth of the sand underfoot and the droplets of water gleaming on the ocean or on arms and legs of people at the beach.  Composed 2009

Recorded on Ragging with Razz CD (Wirr 029) available online

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ISMN 9790720093932
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By Phillip Wilcher

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Fanfare for Brass ensemble, c.1'20

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ISMN 9790720106571

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Beneath the Waves

By Carolyn Morris

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Tuba or Trombone and Piano, c.2'00. Grade 5 AMEB
This piece is inspired by the ocean and the sense of wonder it brings. The piano semi-quavers in the opening bars represent the sun sparkling on the water's surface. The lyrical, soaring phrases of the tuba take the listener deeper into the depths of the ocean, to the world of whales and other majestic sea creatures.

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ISMN 979720093093
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Brass Quintet

By Robert Burrell

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A four-movement work for brass quintet created from transcriptions of birdcalls.
Composed 2010 rev. 2015

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ISMN 9790720159065
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Breeze and You, The

By Frank Millward

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Brass Quintet, c.5'45
Composed 2011

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ISMN 9790720115610
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Bring Back Da BaBa DoAh BaDa

By Frank Millward

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Brass Quintet, c.6'20
Composed 2011

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ISMN 9790720115597
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Calling the Cows

By Diana Blom

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Seven variations for tenor trombone on ‘Guardame las vacas’. c.5'00
Composed 2015

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ISMN 9790720151946
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Canto Fermo 2001

By Hugh Dixon

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Brass Quintet in Phrygian Mode. c.5'50
The theme presented by the solo trumpet at the beginning is a setting of Matthew 7 Verses 6-8.  Composed 2001

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ISMN M720011493

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