Piano Intermediate Grades

13 Ways of Looking at a Butcherbird

By Michael Hannan

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13 short pieces for solo piano. Level of difficulty - 5th grade.

Each movement is based melodically on transcribed butcherbird calls. Most pieces are transcribed from recordings in various locations around NSW and Queensland. The approach to the harmonic accompaniment to these movements varies according to the intervallic implications of the tunes.
Composed 2005.

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2 8 1951

By John D'Arcy

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Solo Piano, c.3'30.  6th grade
Composed 2023

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70% Cocoa

By Karlin G Love

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Solo piano, c.2'00

70% Cocoa was composed in response to a themed challenge: ‘Momentary Pleasures'. “Momentary Pleasures?” said my friend, “That’s chocolate.”
Combine the sensation of smooth, dark chocolate dissolving in the mouth with overtone building up inside the piano during long passages with the pedal down. This piece depicts one story of chocolate for me; there are many others. 70% is bittersweet – as is the history of chocolate whether or not it is fair-trade, organic, sugar free, etc. For the compulsive musicologist: the main scale used is 70% black notes.
Composed 2017

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Adios Armando

By Simon Bailey

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Solo piano, c.4'30. 

I interviewed Chick Corea in the 1980s.   He was one of my heroes then, and already a towering figure in jazz.  His stature continued to grow with every new direction and new collaboration until his death in early 2021.  This is a humble tribute.
Composed 2021

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All Alone (piano)

By Paul Paviour

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Three pieces for solo piano - intermediate grades 4/5

Three isolation perambulations - dedicated to the COVID-19 experience!

  • 1 . Waltztime for charming Ella
  • 2.  Incommunicado Blues
  • 3.  The Princess Ruby Rag

Composed 2020

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All at Sixes and Sevens

By Paul Paviour

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Solo piano suite of 4 pieces for Grades 5 to 7
  • 1. Lunch will be ready soon, c.3'50, Grade 6
  • 2. Leap Frog, c.'3'20, Grade 7 - ANZCA Syllabus
  • 3 .The Deserted Beach, c.4'0, Grade 5
  • 4. The Cycle Race, c.2'40, Grade 6 - ANZCA Syllabus
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Ancient Rivers - album

By Various Composers

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12 piano solo works by various Australian Composers. 

All pieces are available as individual sheet music (see specific works). 
Ancient Rivers (Wirr006) CD also available online played by John Martin

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and here is the news ...

By Paul Paviour

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9 pieces for solo piano.  Advanced grades
Current events informed by mean of piano.

Composed 2023
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Aqua Vita

By Alice Bannan

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Piano solo, c.1'25.  Intermediate level

Aqua Vita is a flowing piano solo inspired by the rivers and streams of country Victoria. It includes a beautiful rolling left hand accompaniment with a driving melody line and sparkling semi-quaver arpeggios in the right hand.

An excellent performance piece for students playing at or near Grade 3 level.

Composed 2021

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        Are You Bored Enough to Practice?

        By Joanne Burrows

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        20 solo piano pieces for Intermediate to Advanced Grades - Grades 4-6.

        Each piece offers a number of technical challenges to assist students with classical and modern repertoire.
        Each work may be used in a number of different ways to suit student development. For example:
        Studies to work on and develop the student skills and musicianship
        Quick Learn Pieces- learn and memorise one each week
        Sight Reading Exercises
        Performance Pieces

        Grade 4: Dissonance Delight; Showing Off; Bored Enough Blues.
        Grade 5: Funk Hole; Attitude Adjustment; Wasting Time Waltz; Funky Rumba Blues
        Grade 6: Pentatonic Procrastination; Tarantella Tantrum; White Heather
        Composed 2015

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        ISMN 9790720151700
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        By Mark Matthews

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        13 piano solos on life, love and friendship.

        This set of piano solos, starting with the first letter of the musical alphabet, "A", is the opening of a septology, which progressively follows the keys from A – G. 
        In this set, the Ionian, minor, Aeolian (natural minor) keys and modes are the palate for compositions.   Composed 2017.
        CD available online, see below

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         A Major Reflection  Buy Now  Abele  Buy Now
         A Minor Issue  Buy Now  Allure  Buy Now
         A Bracelet  Buy Now  A Major Seventh  Buy Now
         Aeolian Air  Buy Now  A Blue Brewing  Buy Now
         A Memory of You  Buy Now  Allow Me  Buy Now
         A Minor Delight  Buy Now A Way in the High Country  Buy Now
         All I Can do  Buy Now    

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        ISMN 9790900979964

         CD of this volume is available from Wirripang contact

        Australian Heritage Collection Volume I

        By Jeanell Carrigan

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        Piano music by Australian Women Composers 
        There were many examples in the early part of the twentieth century in Australia of women who were exceptional pianists and who also wrote a great number of piano works. Many of these women were labelled child prodigies and obviously showed enormous potential and musical ability. These women performed as soloists and accompanists and contributed hugely to the musical and cultural life in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. They also left a large collection of compositions written for the solo keyboard.

        To produce these three volumes within this Collection, Dr Jeanell Carrigan has researched and edited almost 50 works of Australian women composers, most of which have never been published. Each volume is accompanied by a CD of its works recorded by Jeanell. and biographical notes on each composer. All the composers were born between 1862 and 1915.  Many of them lived for the whole of the twentieth century, and in that time experienced many changes in the way music was composed, thought about  written about and performed.  Of course, they experienced many difficulties.  To be a composer in Australia during this period was a difficult enough, and to be a woman, was short of impossible!

        The composers in this volume:  

        Ada Maud Fitz-Stubbs (1861-1949); Mona McBurney (1862-1932); Florence Donaldson Ewart (1864-1949); Mary Bowden (1868-1950); (Annie) May Summerbelle (1868-1949); Esther Khan (1877-1962); Una Bounre (1882-1974); May Brahe (1855-1956) and Katherine (Kitty) Parker (1886-1971)

         "Nostalgia" CD is a collection of 28 works from these volumes and is available online


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        Ada Maud Fitz-Stubbs (1861-1949)

        Mona McBurney (1862-1932)

        Florence Donaldson Ewart (1864-1949)

        Mary Bowden (1868-1950)

        (Annie) May Summerbelle (1867-1949)

          Esther Kahn (1877-1962)

          Una Bourne (1882-1974)

          May Brahe (1885-1956)

          Katherine (Kitty) Parker (Eisdell) (1886-1971)

          ISMN 9790720166926

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