By Paul Paviour

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Solo Organ, c.3.10

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ISMN 9790720078519
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Australian Summer

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Solo pipe organ, c.3'25
Composed in Canberra in January 2016.  Canberra was experiencing a heatwave at this time.  In my work for organ, I wished to use the wonderful bass pedal notes of the organ to create a sustained sound, on which are superimposed some of the bird songs I could hear around me, all of which are pervaded by the breathless heat of the day.   Composed 2016.

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Bridal Entry and Wedding March

By Miriam Hyde

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For organ or piano
Composed 1973

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ISMN 9790673143197

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By R J Stove

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Trumpet and organ, c.3'20

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ISMN 9790720078946

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Diabolical Variations on a Wagnerian Theme

By Michael Hannan

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Pipe Organ solo.     
Composed 2014

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ISMN 9790720159706
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Epiphany Suite

By Brett M Mckern

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Solo organ - A suite in 3 movements on the Gregorian Theme,  c.15'25. Grade 8

This work can be played especially as a work celebrating the Christian Feast of the Epiphany. The melodies developed in each movement are in some way based on the chant Ecce advenit dominator Dominus, theIntroit proper to the Epiphany.
  • Passacaglia, c.3’40.  Tempo: various: Poco adagio to maestoso.  Genre: Neo-romantic
  • Sarabande, c.5’15
  • Gigue Fugue, c.6’30

The Passacaglia builds up from tentative beginnings to a busy middle section with constant pedal quavers, and ending with a grand statement of the theme with highlights on the tuba stop (but could be played simply on full organ).
Composed 2012

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ISMN 9790720146010
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By Brett M Mckern

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Organ solo, c.4'40

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Fantasie-Rondeau - sheet music

ISMN M720072548
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Fantasy Toccata

By Richard Peter Maddox

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Organ duet

Composed 2002

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Five Songs of Consolation, Op.87

By Victor Morrison

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Music for Soprano, Clarinet in Bb, Violin and Cello and organ.  c.25'00

  • 1. Prelude (Upon Darken'd Light), c.1'40
  • 2. This Will, For Us, c.6'00
  • 3. Autumn's Summer Dreams, c.5'20
  • 4. Ever Gentle, 3'00
  • 5. We're Coming Home, c.5'00

Composed 2023.  Written for and dedicated to Brennan and Annie Keats

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 ISMN 9790673143449

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Four Short Meditations

By Colin Brumby

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For piano or organ solos

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  ISMN 9790720101095

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March on Duke Street

By Brett M Mckern

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Solo organ, c.4'30. Grade 6

Tempo: Moderato; crotchet = 88
Genre: Neo-Romantic
In the tradition of Edwardian marches for organ. A consistent tempo and march rhythms feature.

Composed 2004

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ISMN M720041445
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Pompa Academica

By Michael Hannan

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Solo organ.  

This work uses typical melodic lines and chord progressions derived from Messiaen's "second mode of limited transposition". Often performed for graduation ceremonies.

Composed 1984

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ISMN 9790673141308

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