Australian Heritage Collection Volume I

By Jeanell Carrigan

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Piano music by Australian Women Composers 
There were many examples in the early part of the twentieth century in Australia of women who were exceptional pianists and who also wrote a great number of piano works. Many of these women were labelled child prodigies and obviously showed enormous potential and musical ability. These women performed as soloists and accompanists and contributed hugely to the musical and cultural life in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. They also left a large collection of compositions written for the solo keyboard.

To produce these three volumes within this Collection, Dr Jeanell Carrigan has researched and edited almost 50 works of Australian women composers, most of which have never been published. Each volume is accompanied by a CD of its works recorded by Jeanell. and biographical notes on each composer. All the composers were born between 1862 and 1915.  Many of them lived for the whole of the twentieth century, and in that time experienced many changes in the way music was composed, thought about  written about and performed.  Of course, they experienced many difficulties.  To be a composer in Australia during this period was a difficult enough, and to be a woman, was short of impossible!

The composers in this volume:  

Ada Maud Fitz-Stubbs (1861-1949); Mona McBurney (1862-1932); Florence Donaldson Ewart (1864-1949); Mary Bowden (1868-1950); (Annie) May Summerbelle (1868-1949); Esther Khan (1877-1962); Una Bounre (1882-1974); May Brahe (1855-1956) and Katherine (Kitty) Parker (1886-1971)

 "Nostalgia" CD is a collection of 28 works from these volumes and is available online


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