Composers' Series, The - Volume 5 Piano Solos (Kahn)

By Esther Kahn

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Esther Kahn (1877-1962)

23 piano solos from 1894 to 1949 are represented in this collection and includes  biographical notes about the composer, editorial and performance notes about each work, the scores and a recording by Jeanell Carrigan of all works in the hard copy.

As one of the first music therapists in Australia, Esther Kahn’s music was very successful in the treatment of her patients and as music therapy was fundamentally important to her as a composer it is possible to understand why her compositions have been written in the style in which they exist. The piano works are very formally structured – mostly in a basic ternary form with some of the waltzes in rondo form. They stay within a tonal structure of tonic and dominant keys with the contrasting sections almost always in a dominant or relative major/minor key. The phrases are always of a symmetrical length – either two, four or eight bar structures. As Esther’s pieces were written to be played by a pianist of her, or her students’ technical standard, they are of a medium to challenging level of difficulty without pandering to pedagogical compromises.

Level of difficulty - intermediate to advanced

Researched, edited and recorded by Jeanell Carrigan

Volume 5: Esther Kahn

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As part of 'The Composer's Series' many of these works have been recorded by Jeanell Carrigan on a CDs: Nostalgia (Wirr080);  Forest Magic (Wirr109)