That Bloody Game

By Michael Halliwell, David Miller

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Australian World War I Songs performed by baritone Michael Halliwell and pianist David Miller.  The songs in this collection respond to the changing circumstances of the war. From recruitment in Australia, songs written for the precise purpose of getting men to join up, sometimes shaming them into doing so! For Australia, Gallipoli was the first 'big event' of the war, and then to the Dardanelles, and to France; to the home front and how the war affected civilians and celebrating the return of the forces. The songs also reflect the more serious side to which classical composers of the time responded to the war so creating many outstanding songs that can be heard on this recording. 
The CD booklet portrays many of the original covers from the songs' scores.
Wirr 069

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1.  Wake up! Australia (Alfred Mansfield)

2.  For auld Lang Syne! Australia will be there ('Skipper' W. W. Francis)
3.  Backblocks Bill (George R. Hyam)
4.  Good-bye, my sweet Australian Lassie (G.W. Walker)
5.  Gallipoli (Lieut. A. Wheatley-Healy/J. E. Dodd)
6.  The Heroes of the Dardanelles (Reginald A. A. Stoneham)
7.  The Anzac soldier (C. Stevens)
8.  He died at the Dardanelles (Daisy Andrews/Jack Briton)
9.  Over the top with the best of luck (May Lawrence/Charles Logan)
10.  The Attack (on Zeebrugge) (Reginald A. A Stoneham)
11.  Sing us a song of Australia (Charles Ridgway)
12 . He was only a private, that's all (W. Evelyn Dell/Frederick E. Gladdish)
13.  Lonely (Anon/Felix Le Roy)
14.  What do you think of the Kaiser? Boo! Hoo! Hoo! (Charles Vaude)
15.  Why can't each nation be at peace? (George Daniels/Felix Le Roy)
16.  The Anzac's Bride (W.W. Barnes)
17.  Back Home (Reginald A. A Stoneham)
18.  Don't sing a song about the war to me (Charles Vaude)
19.  I gave my best for my country (Tom E. Leonard)
20.  Australia's hymn for her dead (E.S. Emerson/Thomas G. Rabbets)
21.  And the Band played Waltzing Matilda (Eric Bogle/arr. Calvin Bowman)