Woodwind Ensemble

Fantasie Australis

By Vincent Giles

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Flute ensemble, c.5'00

An arrangement of our National Anthem, bookend, and the majority of the work being of new composition.  It is respectful and acts as a homage to the beauty of the Australian landscape. Fantasie Australiswas composed specifically for Monash University Flute Ensemble. Composed 2011.  

Audio sample courtesy Monash University Flute Ensemble, directed by Peter Sheridan (Move MD 3366) 2013

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ISMN 9790720126098

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Fantasies and Wildness

By Brennan Keats

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Two bass flutes and a cello.  c.12'00

Throughout the three movements the low flutes, led and supported by the cello, portray the jigs, dances and laments of the Irish people.  At the end, despite adversity they win through with the lilt of their laughter and their smiling eyes.
Composed 2014

Recorded by Judy Diez d'Aux and Peter Sheridan, bass flutes and Lachlan Dent, cello on Continental Drift available from:

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ISMN 9790720151298

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Happy Occasion Overture (wind ensemble)

By Miriam Hyde

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For Wind Ensemble, c.4'30

Happy Occasion Overture was conceived in a spirit of recreation and aims at giving all the players a "say", while avoiding unnecessary complexities of technique and ensemble. 
It is built on three subjects; the first a spirited call to attention, the second a more expressive oboe phrase, and the third a bolder, striding tune given principally to the strings, in a more serious minor mood.  This returns jubilantly, towards the end, in the tonic major, and is rounded-off by a last reference to the rhythmic beat of the opening theme, broadening to the final cadence.

Arranged by Paul De Cinque (UWA)

Composed 1956-57

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ISMN 9790673142374

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Image & Refraction

By Ross Fiddes

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Instrumental Octet, c.5'30. Advanced level of difficulty.

For: Clarinet in Bb, Bassoon, Horn in F, Violins I, II, Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass.

The piece begins with growling melody beginning in 11/4 for lower instruments, gradually coming ‘into the light’ – the Image. This melody is then fractured and used within the Refraction section, with lyrical and melodic overlays.

    Composed 1987, rev. 2023

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     ISMN 9790673142862

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    Land of the Long White Cloud

    By Ann Carr-boyd

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    Flute, accordion and mandolin orchestra -  c. 6'00

    Requires competent playing technique. 
    An impressionistic work which evokes the hazy and changing shape of clouds by employing the unique tremolo sound of the mandolin orchestra. A contrasting middle section in 6/8 provides an interlude in a faster tempo. The work was commissioned for the 2011 Australasian FAME Festival in Auckland.

    Composed 2010.

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    ISMN 9790720159560

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    Little Suite for Wind Trio

    By Margaret Sutherland

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    Five Movements for flute, clarinet in B flat and bassoon
    Composition date unknown

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    ISMN M720166384
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    Lullaby of the Bay

    By Linda Dalgliesh

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    Woodwind quartet - flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon,  c.2'00

    This piece was inspired by a visit to Hopetoun on Western Australia's south coast.  The port has a history of whaling, sealing, and goldfield exports, some of which are evident as scattered ruins.  The town is now known as a "sleepy" holiday destination.  Composed 2016

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    ISMN 9790720171968
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    Mission of Juan Bautista de Morales, The

    By Tony Wheeler

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    For flute, zhongruan -中阮, percussion and strings

    Juan Bautista de Morales (1597-1664) was a Spanish missionary who entered the Dominican order in 1614.  In 1620 he went to Manilla where he learned the Amoy dialect in order to minister to the Chinese community in the Philippines.  After two unsuccessful attempts to work in Cambodia, he went to China’s Fujian Province, where a Dominican mission had been established in 1631. 
    Morales spent most of his time in China in the province of Fujian, parts of this piece employ some melodic phrases from an ancient genre of traditional Chinese music originating from this region, known as Nanyin 南音 (southern sound).  The phrases are played by the soloists, and by the strings.
    Commissioned by Karen Carey on behalf of Santa Sabina College for the celebration of the 800th anniversary of the Dominican Order.
    Composed 2016. 

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    ISMN 9790900979766

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    By Linda Dalgliesh

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    Quintet for flute, Bb clarinet, oboe, bassoon and vibraphone, c.3'05

    Pneumatophores are specialised roots which mangroves need to thrive in salty mud. In this piece, the Clarinet depicts the mangrove roots, and the Vibraphone represents the rhythmic ebb and flow of saltwater. The Flute, Oboe and Bassoon express the movement of birds, fish, crabs and people as they gather food in their bountiful habitat.
    Composed 2018

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    ISMN 9790720226255

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    Romance for Flute and Orchestra

    By Ann Carr-boyd

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    Flute and orchestral music, c.10'00

    This essentially Romantic and hauntingly beautiful work is peppered with modern harmonic twists. The three sections are based on a chord often used in popular music, which rises by a semitone each time.   Composed 2003 

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    ISMN 9790720159607

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    Sailor's Holiday, A - Trio No.11

    By Paul Paviour

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    Flute, clarinet and piano - five movements, c.12'00
    Composed 2009

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    ISMN 9790720093765

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    Secluded Monastery

    By Miriam Hyde

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    Woodwind Quintet, 2 Flutes, Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon, c. 4'35. 
    Composed 1991 

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    ISMN 9790720159850 

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