A Little Lovely Dream, A

By Hugh Dixon

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25 works composed by Hugh Dixon.Includes works for voice, piano and French horn. Performed by Wendy Dixon (soprano), Lisa Wynn-Allen and Michael Dixon (French horn) and David Miller (piano).
Print music for most of the works are available online.

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1 A Little Lovely Dream 
2  My True Love Hath My Heart 
3  Tiger, Tiger
Five Shakespeare Songs (4-10)
4   Sweet Music's Power 
5  Fairy Song 
6  Fear No More 
7  Titania's Lullaby 
9  Horses on the Camargue 
10  The Blue Wrens and the Butcher-bird 
Nocturnes (11-18)
11  To-night the winds begin to rise 
12  High Tide 
13  To the Moon 
14  Nightingales 
15  Tears 
16  Mad Song 
17  The Mystic's Prayer
18  Daybreak
Songs of Mystic Jade (19-25)
19  Return of Spring 
20  Set Free 
21  Fascination 
22  Tranquil Repose 
23  Despondent 
24  Concentration
 25  Motion