Breaking of the Drought, The - CD

By Jeanell Carrigan

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   and collected songs.  Roy Agnew

DAYNA JOHNSTON, clarinet, ASHLY ZHANG, secondo piano duets

Robert (Roy) Ewing Agnew (1891-1944) was a man who dominated the musical scene in Sydney in the first half of the 20th century and his creative ability was admired by fellow musicians both in Australia and abroad. He is remembered as a brilliant, virtuosic, and flamboyant performer who graced the stage in England and Australia, and an important and influential teacher.

His musical output consists mostly of songs and piano works. The wonderful songs are recorded here as the complete collection for the first time. The songs by Roy Agnew are unique in compositional terms and in the context of English art songs of the early twentieth century. Although Agnew was a passionate Australian, the songs, like most of his piano music, do not always reflect Australian cultural yearnings and most are not based on the poetry of Australian writers.

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[1] The World’s Wanderers (Shelley) 1:37
[2] To morrow (Shelley) 1:16
[3] A Widow Bird (Shelley) 1:37
[4] Dirge (Shelley) 1:12
[5] Invocation (Masefield) 1:07
[6] Beauty (Masefield) 1:52
[7] June twilight (Masefield) 1:46
Two piano duets:
[8] i. Green Valley 1:38
[9] ii. The Village Fair 1:10
[10] The flowers of sleep (Daley) 2:04
[11] Beloved stoop down thro’ the clinging dark (Zora Cross) 2:34
[12] Infant joy (Blake) 0:55
[13] To a sleeping child (Blake) 1:46
[14] Cradle song (Essen) 2:18
[15] The Breaking of the Drought (Matthews) 9:26
[16] Tears (Wang Seng-Su) 1:17
[17] Sorrow (Tennyson) 2:02
Two Songs without Words for voice and clarinet:
[18] i. Expressively 2:52
[19] ii. At a Moving Pace 2:17
[20] I don’t like Beetles (Fyleman) 0:52
[21] Dusk (Williams) 1:21
[22] O moonlight deep and tender (Lowell) 2:01
[23] She comes not when noon is on the roses (Trench) 1:07
[24] Cradle song (Naidu) 1:30
[25] Hie away, hie away (Scott) 0:48
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