By Frank Millward

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Five pieces from the full work for Soprano and Baritone, Choir and Chamber Orchestra
In Brightside a poem, written to a pre-prepared scenario, was interpreted using music, song, dialogue and movement. Synthersising these so that no one form dominates another, Brightside develops themes of blind optimism, obstructive cynicism and misguided treachery. This work was originally performed by Lumiere and Son Theatre Company London.
The score presented here is a re-orchestration of the original score that was performed as an electro-acoustic piece, disseminated through an immersive quadraphonic system. This re-orchestration is ideally suited to an acoustic concert presentational format and works well in accompanying a solo or small ensemble dance component.
Approximately 18’00” in duration there are five major sections scored for Choir (or Quartet with microphones) S.A.T.B. and Chamber Orchestra consisting of Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, ‘Cello, Double Bass, Trumpet Bb, Horn in F, Bass Trombone, Keys and Percussion.
The sections of the work are:
1.    No One Knows How Fine They Are – Duration 4’ 32”
2.    Ella – Duration 3’ 46”
3.    Your Will Never Waivers – Duration 3’ 30”
4.    All I Want – Duration 2’ 00”
5.    Stella – Duration 3’ 36”
There are opportunities for solo parts in Ella (Soprano) and in All I Want (Baritone), however these can also be sung by combined ensemble voices. The poem ‘Pale fingers…’ by David Gale is a part of the full poem of the work and can be spoken to fit within the section Ella. It is offered as a performance choice if spoken word were to be included in the performance.

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