Composers' Series, The - Volume 3 Piano Solos (Parker)

By Kitty Parker

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Katharine "Kitty" Parker (1886-1971)

7 piano solos composed between 1925 and 1936).

The compositions for piano number only seven works. There are the Four Musical SketchesA Patchwork of Shadows, Down Longford Way, The Red Admiral and One Summer Day, of which Down Longford Way has been the most successful; A Water Colour and Nocturne, published in 1925;[ and the Arc-en-Ciel, otherwise known as a ballet waltz for piano.  Arc-en-ciel would lend itself very well to being orchestrated, as it is a work with dense harmony and several waltz sections, while Nocturne and A Water Colour are exquisite examples of piano writing of the 1920s. Nocturne is similar in style to that of John Field or Fauré and explores the timbre and colour of the piano wonderfully.

The piano works are absolutely exquisite to play. All use chromatic, late romantic harmony and are technically and musically demanding. They are delightful sketches which create visual images of the titles and can be used to develop sensitivity and tonal awareness.

This volume  contains biographical notes about the composer, editorial and performance notes about each piano composition, the scores and recordings.
Included is a recording by Jeanell Carrigan of all works in the hard copy volume.

Researched and edited by Jeanell Carrigan

Volume 3 - Kitty Parker

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As part of 'The Composer's Series' all of these works have been recorded by Jeanell Carrigan on a CDs: Nostalgia (Wirr080); Reverie (Wirr 106)