Full Moon - CD

By Diana Weston, Michael Tsalka

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   Classical and contemporary music for square piano and harpsichord.

   Michael Tsalka: Piano forte primo, harpsichord I
   Diana Weston: Piano forte secondo, harpsichord II

In the making of this album, our purpose was to bring to light a long-forgotten and yet highly significant instrument that was the ‘square’ piano - specifically the English square piano. We wanted to demonstrate a little of its nature, to outline its relevance in social history, to let you hear its voice. To do this, we are fortunate to have available a relevant instrument – a Robertson c. 1835 partially restored square piano crafted in Liverpool. In the recording, music from its era (late eighteenth to early nineteenth century), is interspersed with newly created pieces that are sympathetic to its variable sounds and registers, that is, its limitations and virtues. Diana Weston
Wirr 125

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Johann Christian Bach
(1735 – 1782)
Sonata in A major for piano forte four hands, Op.XVIII,
[1]  Allegretto
[2]  Tempo di Minuetto

Johann Baptist Vanhall (1739-1813)
Sonata II in A major from Two Sonatas for four Hands for the Harpsichord or the Forte Piano, Op. 3
[3]  Adagio alla Francese, Variazioni alla Italiana, Variations I – 6
[4]  Rondo alla Tedesca/Allegro

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770- 1827)
Song, ‘Ich denke dein’, with six Variations, WoO 74 piano duet, sung by Angelica Minero Escobar
[5]  Andante cantabile, Variations 1 – 6

Ann Carr-Boyd (commissioned work) Michael Tsalka (square piano), Diana Weston (harpsichord)
[6]  Moonrise over Lake Argyle for Forte piano and Harpsichord

Diana Blom (commissioned work)
[7]  Night Music

 Ann Carr-Boyd (arranged) Michael Tsalka (harpsichord), Diana Weston (square piano)
[8]  Stairway to the Moon

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