Dance of the Ecstatic MetalBorg, The

By Gina Ismene Chitty

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For piano,  c7'05.  Advanced level of difficulty

The Dance of the Ecstatic MetalBorg is a slightly edgy blend of contemporary and traditional jazz music which fluctuates and switches abruptly from a driving relentless and hard-hitting attack of metallic rock music to a gentler form of traditional and almost meditative jazz music. The more typical jazz harmonies and well-worn blues runs are replaced by a sparkling riffage of cascading and extended solo runs in the upper register.  The mood, which switches abruptly from the aggressive thumping in the lower register to the glitter of the virtuosic passages in the upper register, moves onwards to a genial, reflective and American jazz style which, in turn, suddenly moves into a quick Brazilian rhythm of rapid sixteenth notes.

Meshed in between these transformative passages of the hard hitting rock and Brazilian dance rhythms, are the lighter, shorter and more reflective flourishes of the older and traditional jazz music.
Composed 2023

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