Five Chinese Poems

By Horace Keats

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Soprano and piano

  • Grade: 6-8
  • Genre: Neo classical
  • Date: 1933, arranged 2018
  • Tempo: Five examples of the simplicity of early Chinese poetry, matched by piano parts of equal poignancy and beauty.

Poets as indicates, all words translated to English.

Two Chinese Poems of The Wild Country (Ch'u Yuan).

    I.  Tempo: Marked No too slowly
          II.  Tempo: Marked Fiercely with strong rhythm

            Hymn to the God of Fate (Ch'u Yuan).

            • Tempo: Allegro

            Clearing at Dawn (Li Po).

            • Tempo Andante

            A Vision (Chih-Wen).

            • Tempo: Andante

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