Flute Odyssey

By Australian Composers

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An album of  15 flute and piano works by various composers also includes separate book of parts and a CD of all works, performed by Emma Knott and David Miller. 

Download music samples:

1. Moonlight Mirage (Amanda Handel), c.3.35
Nightscapes (Amanda Handel),
2. Blinding Moon, c.4.00
3. Dream Tune, c.2.00 
Wings of the Wind (May Howlett)
4. Thermals, c.3.30
5. Mistral, c.2.45
6. Ah! Sirocco, c.5.00
7. Night Moods (Betty Beath), c.4.20
8. Hymn to the 89th Constellation (John Spence), c.610
9. Sidling Hill (Houston Dunleavy), c.7.00
10. Phryg Magnet (Steve Clark), c.5.10
Suite for Flute and Piano (Ann Carr-Boyd)
11. Prelude, c.1.00
12. Badinrie, c.4.20
13. American Dream, c.3.50
14. Toccata, c.2.00
15. Flootin' About (John Terry), c.3.20

Audio extracts accessible from the CD Flute Odyssey (Wirr016)available online.

ISMN 9790720078458
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