Flute Odyssey - CD

By Various Composers

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Flute and piano works performed by Emma Knott and David Miller. Works by all Australian composers include: Amanda Handel, May Howlett, Betty Beath, John Spence, Houston Dunleavy, Steve Clark, Ann Carr-Boyd and John Terry.  
Print music for all works are available online.
Wirr 016

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1  Moonlight Mirage
Moonlight Mirage (Amanda Handel) [2-3]
2  Blinding Moon
3  Dream Tune
Wings of the Wind (May Howlett) [4-6]
4  Thermals
5  Mistral
6  Ah! Sirocco
7  Night Moods (Betty Beath)
8  Hymn to the 89th Constellation (John Spence)
9  Sideling Hill (Houston Dunleavy)
10  Phryg Magnet (Steve Clark)
Suite for Flute and Piano (Ann Carr-Boyd) [11-14]
11  Prelude
12  Badinerie
13  American Dream
14  Toccata
15 Flootin' About (John Terry)