By Keyna Wilkins

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Solo Violin and magpie backing track, c.3'00. Grade 7

Guluu (or Australian Magpie in the First Nations Gamilaroi language from Northern NSW) is one of Australia's most well-known songbirds with an array of complex vocalisations. This piece is based on some of those patterns.

“According to the Mandalbingu people, a long time ago the sky was very close to the Earth and it was dark. Everyone had to crawl about the earth in darkness. The intelligent magpies decided that if they worked together they could raise the sky upwards to create more room for all. They did this by lifting the sky upwards by using long sticks. As they pushed the sky even higher it suddenly split open to usher in the first sunrise. The blanket of darkness broke up into fragments and drifted away as clouds. The magpies burst into song and from that time onwards they have greeted the sunrise with their warbling song.” - (Ragbir Bhathal, Aboriginal Astronomy)

Neo-Romantic, Zen.  Tempo: slow-moderate

Composed 2020

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          ISMN 9790720249070

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