Hexagonal Etude Augmentations

By Gina Ismene Chitty

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For solo piano,  c.8'30  Advanced level of difficulty. Composed 2021

Chosen for the Preliminary Round Recital in the International Piano Competition 2023 as a new Australian work.

Hexagonal Etude Augmentations opens with octaves and unfolds as approximately eight and a half minutes of unbroken music. There are many motivic ideas, the first, a jagged sparse and forceful opening theme in octaves which is followed by virtuosic passages built upon figural, motivic, rhythmic and technical flourishes that typically existed in nineteenth century etudes. Only fleetingly though, as passages that play on augmented intervals and octaves appear again and again, interspersed with technical innovations of a more contemporary style. The octaves and intervals sometimes dwell around hexagonal note formations, while the climactic cascading semiquavers interspersed with the augmented intervals transform into expressive cluster chords and complex rhythmic structures.

This is a technically demanding and virtuosic piece that requires precision of touch, a driving energy and vibrance.


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