Horizons - CD and DVD

By Brennan Keats

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Eight works for voice, violin and piano composed by Brennan Keats and performed by Jane Ede (soprano); Tomas Dalton (tenor); Malcolm Ede (baritone); Marina Marsden (violin) and Jeanell Carrigan (piano).

Wirr 100

Print music for all of the works are available online.

All works are linked on YouTube:
  • 1.  Sunrise Over Sea Mist (violin and piano)
  • 2.  Moons as Big as Mountains (soprano and piano)
  • 3.  Inquieto (piano)
  • Three Japanese Settings (soprano and piano)
  • 4.  The Japanese Poet
  • 5.  The Dragon Fly
  • 6.  Song
  • 7.  Fire Storm (tenor, baritone and piano)
  • 8.  Smoke Haze (tenor, baritone and piano)

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