In Tribute - CD

By Jeanell Carrigan

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  Chamber music by Dulcie Holland
  Goetz Richter violin, Minah Choe cello, Jeanell Carrigan piano.

  The works on this recording are mainly examples of early works –
  some even written before Holland had any formal composition instruction. In Tribute was written in 1932 and despite being such an early work shows great maturity. It is fantasy written in tribute to the South Australian-born composer Hooper Brewster-Jones and based on a short melodic theme that he contributed. The work is for violin and piano, each with a part of equal difficulty, in one movement, and it is assumed that the work was written for inclusion in a composition competition. Holland was very fond of entering in such competitions and had great success with many of her songs and some of her chamber works.

This recording is part of a large project involving a book about the Life and Music of Dulcie Holland and a series of published scores. The title of the CD ‘In Tribute’ is of course the name of one of the works included on the recording but has the double meaning that this CD is made as a tribute to Dulcie Holland whose musical legacy deserves to be rediscovered and honoured.

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[1-3]  Sonata for Cello and Piano (1993)
Allegro ritmico
[4] Ballad for clarinet and piano (transcribed for violin and piano by Jeanell Carrigan) (1950, trans. 2020)
[5-8]  Four Aspects (1997)
[9]  In Tribute (violin and piano) (1932) A fantasy on a theme by Hooper Brewster-Jones
[10]  An Evening Stroll
[11]  The Lake
[12]  Nocturne for Piano
[13]  Fantasy Trio (1938)

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