Mermaids - CD

By John Wayne Dixon

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Music by John Wayne Dixon

Works performed by Lotte Latukefu, Pamela Mildenhall (voice), Julia Ryder (cello), Roslyn Dunlop (clarinet), David Miller, David Vance (piano), and The Bourbaki Ensemble with David Angell (conductor). 
Wirr 033

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 1  Mermaids 
Songs of Love and the Night (2-6)
 2  It is the Evening Hour
 3  I Love all Beauteous Things
 4  Night
 5  Wild Nights!
 6  The Summer Night was Mild
 7  Giverny Idyll
 8  Child of Mine
 9  ... mauve-purple ...
Seasons Live, Seasons Dreamed (10-15)
 10  Natures's Changes
 11  New Fee Within
 12  Summer Days
 13  Inside
 14  Autumn
 15  Presentiment