Over the Quiet Waters (arr. flute)

By Brennan Keats

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Flute and Piano
Arranged for Flute and Piano: 2006 by Brennan Keats

 An album of seven flute and piano works.
Original music composed by Horace Keats for voice and piano.

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    • Duration: c. 2'22
    • Genre: Neo Classical 20th C.
    • Grade: 6th
    • Tempo: Lento espressivo, Dotted Crochet equals 42. The song (that bears the same name,) from which this work has been derived, was one of remembrance upon the death of Horace Keats’ first born son killed in HMAS Canberra (1) in the Battle of Savo Island, during WWII. Accordingly it provides an opportunity to play with a strong use of legato, to convey nostalgia and longing.
    •  Duration: c.1'49
    • Genre: Neo Romantic 21st C.
    • Grade: 8th                                  
    • Tempo: Andante, Crochet equals 98. The work uses whole tone with occasional jazz overtones and the sense of mystery is ever present as the title implies.
    • Duration: c. 3'05
    • Genre:   Neo Classical 21st C.
    • Grade: 6th
    • Tempo: Moderato, Crochet equals 84. The work requires a calm approach with a sense of stillness as suggested by the name. This is broken at one stage but the calmness prevails.
    • Duration: c.1’26
    • Genre: Neo Romantic 21st C.
    • Grade: 6th
    • Tempo: Andante, Crochet equals 126. Requires attention to melody and deftness of presentation by both artists
    • Duration: c. 0.52
    • Genre: Neo Classical 21st C.
    • Grade: 8th
    • Tempo: Allegro, Crochet equals 100. A show off piece. An excellent encore piece. Here for a minute and gone in the next.
    • Duration: c.1’59
    • Genre: Neo Romantic 21st C.
    • Grade: 6th
    • Tempo: Languendo, Quaver equals 62. An opportunity for very expressive playing.

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        Also available online the CD From a Bridge of Dreams performed by Emma Knott, flute and David Miller, piano (Wirr005)

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